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May 16, 2012

private tuition stoke on trent

Ever had a one to one lesson in bullying?

You know, private tuition Stoke On Trent style! I know It’s unfair to single out one place over another but that’s where this blogger was dragged-up.

Looking back into the hazy past of the 1960’s; ‘hazy’ being nothing to do with that ‘Wacky-Backy-Stuff’ – simply a time of my childhood. A time without the internet, without blogs, without Sociology lessons online, a time without ‘i this’s and i that’s’ to shove in your ear. A strange time when GCSE English was called ‘O’ level English and Theatre Studies was known as that boring stuff where you ‘did-a-tree’ or talked to an imaginary skull in your hand – without knowing why.

theatre studies private tuition

I remember the school bully well. Not a particularly big chap, simply one to know no fear and, seemingly, have no feelings.  There was that time when he got ‘six of the best’ on each hand from Physics Turner (as opposed to French Turner). Physics Turner was the one who had several canes lying in a fish tank to keep them supple. The receiver of the punishment had to go choose one.  Not an easy choice. The ‘Thick ‘un’ that smacked into the hand with a body-shuddering, resounding thud or one of the ‘Thin ‘uns’ that swished through the air and smarted like hell.

The school bully flinched, re-coiled and tried to bend his hand downwards so the cane slide down the hand rather than hitting it full on. Out of the twelve strokes I could see that he managed this three or four times. I say ‘I could see’ because that is what we all did. Everyone ‘rubber-knecked’ when Physics Turner was dishing it out but more so today because of what had happened. He had let the tyres down on the new French teacher’s car.

research methods tutor

Not French Turner but the new woman from France. The one we all fancied – ‘fit as a butcher’s dog’ said Joey Barton, although I didn’t understand what he meant – especially when I looked at the local butcher’s dog! The penny was to drop in the very near future as boys grew up very quickly in my neighbourhood – no home tutoring, no private tutor, no one to one tuition going on in my street. ‘Factory Fodder’ was the name of the game, private home tuition was an unheard of phrase.

There was no doubt, however, that Physics Turner got his pound of flesh that day. We all knew that because when the bully sat down we could see how he hung his hands by his side, then rested his wrists on the desk with his hands floating in the air and no doubt throbbing like ‘BillyO’. Nor did we see him pick up a pen that lesson.

Cover of "The Bully: A Discussion And Act...

Bullying is a serious issue.

Have you been bullied, have your children, were you the school bully?

It has blighted (even ended) many lives. Please feel free to comment should you so wish.

Should you wish to post on the blog then we would be grateful to hear from you.

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