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Thoughts From The Corner

May 23, 2012

"thought from the corner"

Recently, we ‘Experienced Tutors’ left behind the English home tuition lessons and one to one Sociology lessons. With the text books and Study Skills handouts on the shelf, we ventured forth. The only thing to do with ‘Study Skills’ was the fact that we took with us our brains! That ever-reducing grey matter, and although ‘reducing’ refuses to take time off, was yet again present and ticking. We had decided to explore Alton Towers for the day. Free tickets, courtesy of the recent Sunday Times offer, saw us in a jolly mood indeed.

Nemesis, Oblivion, Th13teen and all those other white-knuckled, stomach-churning, gut-wrenching rides watch out – your time has come! That was until we spotted the Squirrel Nutty Ride! Situated close to the main entrance, it was obviously there to tempt the teenagers away from the likes of Ripsaw, Enterprise and Submission. Fortunately, it was still only 11.00am and the teenagers hadn’t arrived yet. . .

What a ride and a half! There we were, sitting in the acorn, trundling amidst the treetops in and out of squirrel holes, past the plastic sheep in Macdonald’s Farm, high above the story book. So high, in fact, that we didn’t dare to look down – not even once. Without a doubt Alton Tower’s best kept secret – definitely the bestest most magicalist thing ever. Some kind soul has put it on Youtube. With over 36,000 viewings, there are a lot of excited Squirrel Nutty fans out there. Look for yourself:

With legs-a-shakin’-and’a-tremblin’, we begrudgingly left Squirrel Nutty.

"one to one tuition"

The acorn passes the story book

Following the ‘X Factor’ sign (and the crowds) – via our first ice cream of the day – to. . . difficult to describe really. A hoard of people strapped into an over-sized bus seat that was hurtled vertically into a black hole and came out seconds later, twisting and turning on a rail track. What a very strange thing to do with one’s own body. Some may understand that but surely no amount of one to one tuition Psychology could explain why there are queues to do it!

"home lessons"

Could a home tutor in Psychology explain the queues to do this?

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