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June 6, 2012

"study skills lessons"

Has that deju vu ‘ time-warp’ ever smacked you around the ear hole?

As clear as day I was transported back more than 35 years.

I was recently giving Study Skills lessons for a GCSE English examination candidate when it happened upon me. . . and before I knew, I was taking my exams in the school hall. It was not so much a hall as a gymnasium; the newly-built school didn’t possess an assembly hall as such.

Having attended a ‘Factory Fodder’ school – you know the type. . . churning out kids with no qualifications for the local coal mines and pot banks, the exams were a bit of a lark. I’m fairly certain that non of my peers became doctors, lawyers or ambassadors to foreign embassies!

Peering back through the mists of time, I can see that I entered that examination hall with no knowledge of examination technique and had entered there, having gone through the revision period, without having been taught any revision techniques. As examination candidates we ‘busked it’. The inevitable result of that, of course, was having to re-take those subjects to enable me gain the necessary subjects to enter the private tuition profession. Today I am able teach revision techniques and examination techniques as a private English tutor in Stoke on Trent – no thanks to a divisive education system that separated the have from the have-nots at the age of five!

Somehow, having remained in and survived the education system, I now realise that I never had a chance of being in the top 10% i.e. the afore mentioned doctors, lawyers, embassy officials.

The upshot of my flashback is that I have recently published an article on http://www.experiencedtutors. – ‘17 Revision Techniques.‘  The article is free to read and use as you think fit, although please adhere to the publishing conditions at the end of the article. There is also a Revision Techniques Video at the conclusion of the article, which is also available below. Sometimes videos do seem to prove much more accessible than text.

Like most things (if taught correctly) how to revise seems to be, really, a matter of common sense. Simple tactics such as start by sorting through all your notes and ditch the extraneous ‘bumph’ that work folders inevitably acquire during the academic year. Why spend time during the revision period going over those sheets countless times when they are not required. . . seems common sense to me.

The following three minute video shows 17 Revision Techniques for everyone – school, college, university or private tuition.

Prefer Full Screen Superior Quality  –  click here. The link takes you to the Photodex Presenter, which will download and the video will open up for viewing. Don’t be SCARED – it will all take less than a minute and the next time you wish to view one of our videos ‘Presenter’ will already be downloaded for you.

Video production by: Gossamer Images

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