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Thoughts From The Corner

June 13, 2012

"thoughts from the corner"

Private tutoring is indeed a strange profession. In fact, let us spread the net wider and include all school teachers looking at subjects such as GCSE Theatre Studies and ‘A’level Sociology and onwards and upwards to university lecturers looking at subjects as wide ranging as Child Development and Research Methods.

Such people hold a position of power over others. I don’t mean this in any kind of nasty way but simply that one party holds the power of ‘knowledge’ – ‘acquaintance or familiarity gained by sight, experience, or report:’, according to the on-line dictionary The private tutor, teacher, lecturer are all there, plying their trade, because he/she knows a little bit more (note the word ‘acquaintance’ in the above definition) about a particular subject, than the tutee, pupil or student.

It has been said that ‘knowledge is power‘ (scientia potentia estand the respective positions of those that have power and those that do not could be said to be that of ‘clouds following the dragon’ or ‘the wind that follows the tiger’.

Clouds follow the dragon

And wind follows the tiger.

The wise man appears

And the other men look at him for guidance.

Book of Changes, Zhou Dynasty

"private tutoring"

A tiger on Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Having knowledge and being able to impart it to others is, on the one hand,  a wonderful privilege, however, it also carries with it a huge responsibility. The ‘wise man’ would be aware of this. It is the not-so-wise that must be watched, that they act with care and attention lest their foibles and opinions come to the fore rather than remaining obscured behind a cloak of knowledge.

Those thirsting for knowledge are like a sponge. It is vitally important that what they receive is of a truthful and wholesome nature. The Politics teacher in a school is a perfect example of someone who must keep his/her opinions hidden and give knowledge without bias.

Both the dragon and the tiger are solid, fearsome and respected. The wind and clouds do not have their stature but simply follow in their wake; a presence that both dragon and tiger are well aware of.

Forbear a  moment and substitute the dragon with a private English tutor and the tiger with a Research Methods tutor. Then substitute the  clouds and wind with tutees and students – perhaps we see more clearly now  those with knowledge being pursued  by those without. Such it has always been and thus it will always be.


Clouds follow the dragon

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