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Thoughts From The Corner

July 18, 2012

"thoughts from the corner"

I was watching the news recently – a bag of laughs that was!

Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, – Euro this and Euro that. . . My train of thought lead me to wondering why the home private tutoring market was so buoyant. As someone giving private English lessons in Stoke On Trent (England), I wondered where the economic downturn was.

After mulling over this conundrum I penned an article ‘Private Tuition – Pain or Gain?‘, and placed it on our website along with a short video – video can be seen below.

During the period of writing and publishing it, I grappled with the question as to why, at a time when finances are constrained, parents are willing to pay for a private tutor? The vast majority of people are seeing their standard of living fall as costs outstrip income. The little luxuries in life: dining out, sessions at the local spa, lamb instead of pork, have all but disappeared from people’s lives. So why hasn’t private home tutoring?

"home private tutoring"

Wolfgang Helmhardt Von Hohberg: “Georgica Curiosa”. Illustration: Father, Children And Private Tutor…

The conclusion that I came to, is that Education is still a valued resource. Once gained it cannot be taken away; as can clothes or a luxury car or the temporary feeling of the massage in the spa. Despite the fact that free education is universally available in Britain, there are those that want to see their children at the forefront of the eduction queue and are willing to pay for it. So why can’t parents simply do it themselves?

Giving, say, Sociology lessons, isn’t something that any Tom, Dick and Harry do. Admittedly, the Sociology tutor will work out of text books which are readily available but how many have the skills to pick up a book and teach their children from it? Hardly any! Academic qualifications and experience are trump cards in the Sociologist’s pack. After all, would you let a Sociology lecturer loose in an operating theatre with a bag full of surgical instruments! ‘Horse for courses’, seems to be the maxim.

So, parents that desire academic success for their children, whether it be private English tuition because their little Tommy is falling behind in class or ‘A’ level Theatre Studies because Cleopatra wants to go on stage, it doesn’t matter because the cost of a private tutor will be found.

"sociology tutor"

The Death of Cleopatra by Reginald Arthur, Roy Miles Gallery, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following three minute video: ‘Private Tuition – Pain or Gain?’ is accompanied by an article at:

Prefer Full Screen Superior Qualityclick here. The link take you to Photodex Presenter, which will will download and the video will open up for viewing. Don’t be SCARED – it will all take less than a minute and the next time you wish to view one of our videos ‘Presenter’ will already be downloaded for you.

Video production by: Gossamer Images

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