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Thoughts From The Corner

July 25, 2012

"thoughts from the corner"

A student of talent and virtue

Will pursue his studies single-mindedly

With no thought of other distractions at college

Book of Rites, Zhou Dynasty

As a private English teacher, I have pondered long and hard on the above words of Chinese wisdom.

My initial thoughts were that, ‘I have yet to meet a student of talent and virtue!’ My second thought was to wonder why I was in such a grouchy mood? Not only was I being too harsh but I wasn’t being truthful . . . I had to remind myself that sarcasm is, indeed, the lowest form of wit.

Modern day society is extremely complex. A Sociology tutor may try to clarify our understanding of what makes society ‘tick’, but even that tutor needs to eventually remove the ‘tutoring hat’ and return home to sort out the myriad of problems that we all encounter in our day-day lives.

Writing approximately 2,550 years ago the Chinese scholar and his students were able, perhaps, to dedicate their lives to scholarly pursuits. As a lover of the written word that seems, to me, like a marvellous way to while our time here during our brief stay.

"sociology tutor"

The Classic of Rites was one of the Five Classics of Confucianism; it described social forms, ancient rites, and court ceremonies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am sure some of you may find that statement contentious. You are probably thinking along the lines of, ‘What a waste of a life. We live on such a rich and varied planet, having one’s head stuck in a book is a very “narrow” way of passing one’s time.’

I would agree that we do indeed live on a ‘rich and varied planet’. However, I would argue that I do love and appreciate it. I walk the dog over the nearby countryside park and even watch some banal action-packed Hollywood piece of pap as part of my rich tapestry of life.

I suppose it is the tedious things of life that I object to. Giving one to one lessons doesn’t make private tutors wealthy people; so tasks such as cooking, cleaning and DIY are part and parcel of everyday living. It is these kind of tasks, presumably, that the Zhou Dynasty scholars did not have to worry about. I feel certain that the great scholars of the day would have had menial tasks performed for them by servants.

Does anyone out there fancy being a servant to this home English tutor, so that he can ‘pursue his studies single-mindedly with no thought of other distractions’?

Please send a C.V. with references. . . all references will be taken up.

"home english teacher"

All references will be taken up. . .

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