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Thoughts From The Corner

August 10, 2012

"thoughts from the corner"

Have you ever had a mountain of memories come tumbling down? It is this ‘tumbling of memories’ that I try to teach as a private Study Skills tutor as part of revision technique.

I have recently returned from foreign climes where I attended my daughter’s wedding. It was 23 years since my last visit, my daughter always visiting me. I met people and saw things that I hadn’t seen in all that time – a mountain of memories did indeed come tumbling down.

"study skills"

Memories (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw old friends that were noticeably older, greyer and balder – just as they saw me, I guess! The Past crashed down on me with thoughts, feelings and emotions. Meeting those people was a trigger, a trigger from another time, another life, another world.

It is this ‘triggering’ that examination candidates need on the dreaded day. Revision is a thing of the past, the storage of all that information needs to be released. The secret of exam success is how to release it on the day. So what are the secrets to the releasing of those memories?

In terms of exam revision, we scholars can learn much from the Olympic athletes. They don’t simply turn up, run a race, collect their medal and go home. The medal collection is the apex of the mountain they have climbed, metaphorically and maybe even literally. The ascent began many years before. Years of ‘walking before you can run’, years of organising and training.

Revising for exams is no different. The years of study, both in the classroom and at home, take you very close to the apex of your mountain. That final 10% to achieve your dream, means organisation and dedication of a different kind from the hard work of the previous years. The final ‘push’ requires a change of tactics.

Once the exam dates are known a revision timetable can be drawn up. This will be a short, sharp intensive period which will encompass all that you have learnt during the previous years. Strict adherence to this schedule, plus one or two other ‘tactics’ which can be found at:

My task, as a one to one Study Skills tutor, is to ‘push’ the examination candidate up that final 10%.

Just as my memories came tumbling down after 23 years, so will yours come tumbling down on examination day.

Your dream awaits.

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