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Thoughts From The Corner

September 5, 2012

"thoughts from the corner"

Anything good is long in making.

Lao Zi, Spring and Autumn Period (770-476BC)

How is it such clarity of thought originated 2,500 years ago? Sometimes, it seems to me,that the experiences of ‘Time’ teaches us nothing. In fact, it is often to the contrary.

Being a home English tutor on a day to day basis, continually brings me into contact with Lao Zi’s words. One to one tutoring means talking and listening to people of all ages. It is a privilege to be let in to so many lives but it is also frustrating that some of the people do not take on board some of the things I say.

"home english tutor"

I am not claiming to be the font of all wisdom but I am being paid to dispense words on my speciality. Many are the times that I have wondered why the pupil is not doing what I suggest. Usually, it is the younger ones that listen least; whilst the adults seem much more willing to take on board my words. Of course, it may be because they are the ones actually paying for the private tuition! The younger ones do not pay and perhaps do not realise the sacrifices made by parents to hire a tutor. When they do begin to understand that, perhaps will listen more carefully!

‘Anything good is long in the making.’ Aye, that’s the rub. The younger generation today demand ‘instant gratification’. They want it and they want it now! They have been brought up in an age where: instant meals are on supermarket shelves, instant information is online and instant communication is available with the latest ‘ithing’. It is not their fault that speed is seen as king. That is what they have been educated in to.

I have lost count of the number of times that I have stressed to youngsters the importance of constructing a plan before commencing their essay. They just want to dive in and write the story immediately; there seems to be no patience to mull over a plan. Not only does the writing of a plan give the student time to settle themselves in an examination but points on a plan will be taken in consideration and marked positively in the examination, should the candidate run out of time and not complete the essay.

As Lao Zi said, ‘Anything great is long in making’.

"private tuition"

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