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The Blogging Bubble

September 19, 2012
"private english tutor"

Thoughts From The Corner

I am not a pro blogger but neither am I a ‘newbie’.

Blogging, however, isn’t ‘all of me’.  People like to compartmentalise; so to one I am a partner, to another a son, to another a brother and to others a one to one English tutor. To you out there I am a virtual comrade because I have managed to establish a toe-hold in the ‘Blogging Bubble’.

In The Blogging Bubble

Blogging Aims and Experiences

Since my first post a few months ago, I have found this virtual world both fascinating and educational. In my first post I wrote that this Experienced Tutors blog would be about ‘All Things Educational’. Back then I imagined that I (and hopefully others) would post interesting thoughts that had some kind of educational content – not necessarily formal education but also lessons that life has taught us as we meander along its sometimes bumpy path.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom to put pen to paper (albeit virtual pen and paper!) and express my thoughts. I have also made a good friend in our guest blogger Professor Serendip. His posts of books being culled (put in the skip/dumpster!) at major libraries has made me think long and hard about the future of our humble book.

During my time blogging I have read some beautifully crafted pieces of writing. Comic pieces, tragic pieces, heart-warming pieces – wonderful!

Rude People in the Blogging Bubble

On the other side of the coin the layout and content of my blog has been attacked. Yes, attacked:

‘I don’t know what to say, there is so much work to be done here on this one, cannot list it all…’ commented this self-appointed guardian of the Blogging Bubble.

I made a comment on someone’s post and received a reply (not from the person who wrote the post) that began, ‘Oh please’ and then went on to say, ‘. . . I’m going to laugh in your face. . . ‘

Constructive criticism is one thing but saying it rudely is quite another. I was taught that manners do not cost anything. There is an attitude in the afore-mentioned communications that because there is no face-face meeting then one can be brash, aggressive and nonchalantly rude to the recipient. I fear that some members of the Blogging Bubble are thinking too much about what they want to say and not enough about who will receive their self-perceived words of wisdom. I cannot think of any occasion when one person has the right to be rude to another. Perhaps ‘see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil’, is a mantra we should try to adhere to.

See No Evil – Hear No Evil – Speak No Evil

Why Follow?

I have read carefully many posts and ‘Followed’ several blogs that I found enjoyable and interesting. I read some posts because I receive an email informing me that ‘So and So’ is now following my blog. It is a good feeling that someone, somewhere, is interested enough to want to know my thoughts.

Then I noticed from the comments that my new follower had chosen to follow many blogs that particular day and I wondered why. I came to the conclusion that the person would not have time to read all the posts that would come tumbling through their virtual letter box. Why would someone do that? Is it ‘Blog-Bagging’ in a similar way that some genealogists add to their family tree very distant relatives in order to make their family tree several thousand strong? Is it something to with Search Engine Optimisation and inbound links? Is it lonely people attempting to befriend others in a virtual world because they have few friends in their real one? Are they trying to sell me something?

Why Follow Me?

The Future

As long as I enjoy creating my posts and reading those of others then this private English tutor (if you insist on pigeon holing me) will remain in this Blogging Bubble.

Inspiration from the Blogging Bubble

i.    Top of my list is a blog that I love to read – oh, and the cartoons are fabulous!

ii.    A lovely post about her grandmother- beautifully written:

iii.   A joyous blog that makes me smile with each and every post:

Blogs To Inspire

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  1. Thank you .. so happy my blog makes you smile 🙂

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