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Do Not Blindly Follow

October 25, 2012
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Thoughts From The Corner

Many moons before starting work as a home English tutor I made a huge life-changing decision.

It was while reading the following:

When you have faults do not fear to abandon them.

Confucius, Spring and Autumn Period

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Then it dawned on me just how sensible I had been by giving up one particular fault that I had. I gave up the chance of going into a higher educational institution to read Economics.

I had reached the grand old age of nineteen (ish) and had passed an ‘Ordinary National Diploma in Business Studies’ certificate (OND Business Studies). Two years of my life prodding and poking at: Economics, Law, Government and Politics, Accounting, Business English and Functions and Organisations of the Office (FOO) – don’t ask about that one! I think POO would be more appropriate. . .

I had filled in all the ‘Universities Colleges and Admissions Service’ (UCAS) forms months previously and now all I had to do was pass the exams. I was allowed to fail one of the aforementioned subjects, which I duly did with some aplomb. I obtained an earth-shattering 8% in my Accounting exam. I did rather well in Law and Economics and rather ordinary in the remaining subjects. I fulfilled the institution entry requirements and was accepted.

Ultimately, I opted out!

The very thought of spending three years studying Economics in  ******, a grim, grimy, industrial has-been of a city in England, cleared my nineteen (ish) year old mind of being a second John Maynard Keynes.

Thinking of what Confucius said (above), about abandoning one’s faults is exactly what I did in making the above life-changing decision. I had rather stumbled onto the Business Studies course by following a very enthusiastic friend who seemed to think it offered the way forward. For him it did; he went on to enter the legal profession and by all accounts is doing ‘very nicely for himself’.

My fault was in being a sheep instead of a sheep dog – the follower not the leader. It was a case of ‘What’s good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander.’ I realised I had to forge my own path through life’s maze and not be blindly lead by others. There it was, one fault abandoned – one of many that I have had to shed in intervening years.

"a level english literature"

My fault was in being a sheep instead of a sheep dog

Instead of starting a degree in Economics I studied ‘A’ level English Literature that year and the rest, as they say ‘is history’.

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