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Now I Believe!

December 17, 2012
dunce with d

Thoughts From The Corner

Wow! Thank you!

He may have slipped a time zone or two but he definitely arrived early this year. Don’t laugh, even private English tutors are allowed to get excited sometimes.

I was on a break from novel writing and checked out the ‘Notifications’ on the dashboard. I had been awarded ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ by Mitten’s Kittens.

I really could not believe it. Starting my blog in early May I have published 56 posts blogging away to my heart’s content. I have clicked on a multitude of likes, followed a goodly number of blogs that I enjoy reading and left a whole barrow load of comments. I have received just over 1,000 views and have 24 followers – one of which is me!

So why the award? My blog isn’t particularly popular, my private tutor subject-matter is not exactly a bag of laughs. In fact, a lot of my material is very serious: bullying, punishment in the classroom, adults returning to education, libraries culling books – yes, throwing them away – so why me?

Over the past seven months I have seen posts with many different kinds of awards: Very Inspiring Blogger Award, Beautiful Blogger Award, Liebster Award, Lovely Blog Award, Compassionate Communication Award, Reading Appreciation Award, The Booker Award, etc. So what are all these awards? I must admit that I don’t really know what they are but they all do seem to be good, so that’s good enough for me.

It seems to me, though, that the Holy Grail of awards is being Freshly Pressed.

Daily I click on the Freshly Pressed tab and read one or two or more. What fantastic writers there are out there in the WordPress community. Not only great writers but great artists also.Perhaps my favourite blog is: Mostly Bright Ideas. I love receiving an email telling me that he has posted – writing and cartoons par excellence.

My wonderful award awarder ‘Mitten’s Kittens’ has recently been freshly pressed  and she blogged about how she was suddenly hit with 100’s of views. Well, I am proud to say that after my award I was viewed 15 times that day. Compare that to the previous day when when I was viewed twice and those days when I received no views. Who said that blogging about private tuition was a minority interest!

He really did arrive early – Now I Believe!

English: Photo of Jonathan G. Meath portraying...

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  1. jessmittens permalink

    Haha I always ask this exact ‘why me’? question, so I’m guessing we don’t realise how our readers see us. I nominated you for being the kind of follower who takes the time to read and comment on other blogs with something thoughtful, who writes content different from other people I’m following and for being a straight up nice blogger!

    Freshly Pressed will find you one day too! (Or so I believe. Oh, such a cheesy copy cat move!)

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