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Private Tutor Writes Novel – Ssssh Don’t Tell. . .

January 16, 2013
"private tutor"

Thoughts From The Corner

Yes, I’m writing a novel – Ssssh keep it quiet.

I don’t want Mrs J.K. Rowling and Mrs E.L. James to find out and worry about me knocking them off the number one spot of the best sellers list.

Private English Tutor Spreads Writing Wings’ will say local paper headline.

Last October after years of naval contemplation and oral pontification, I decided to spill those 80,000 pent-up words. The will was there but the subject matter was a little  misty. However, as my grandfather used to say: ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’.

Unable to come up with a plot and a list of characters, I came up with the idea that if I could write 1,500 words every week I would have it finished in about one year – with or without plot and characters!

So off I went, at it like a pig at a potato.


Then the doubts:

i.    What if I run out of things to say?

ii.   Is it going to take over ten years – similar to my unperformed play?

iii.  Will I be able to get it published?

iv.  If published, would anyone buy it?

So, for the last ten weeks I have been applying myself (almost daily) and now have 20,000 words. As to their quality, that’s not for me to judge.

I read that Kate Mosse starts writing at about 4 am daily and Bernard Cornwell writes for eights hours every day. I don’t do either, does this mean I won’t succeed? So the doubts continue even as the words multiply. At this stage I feel it will be a novel rather than a novella, that it will be published even if it’s only an ebook and not on paper, and the number one spot for the ladies Rowling and James will probably not be challenged.

It seems that almost every blogger and their dog is writing a novel. Does that include you? I would love to hear how far down the line you are and your system/schedule of writing. Do you find that cleaning and ironing get in the way of artistic creation?

In the meantime, this private tutor will periodically blog about progress of the novel – or otherwise. I’m sorry but I can’t give you a title (because I don’t have one) or give away the plot, just in case the aforementioned J.K. and E.L. read this and steal my story. . .

Local paper headline reads: ‘Best Selling Author Steals Unpublished Writer’s Story’.

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  1. Cool. Keep at it. It is hard but rewarding. My blog details the last year I put in working with a top commercial editor at a big house through my pubb, after getting the deal – I am an editor and a tutor, too. Let me know if I can help … I can always introduce you. Spread the word …

  2. I wrote my first, and last, “novel” in the 6th grade, but I have several others started (mostly stopped). I did recently pull one out of storage to rehash for a class I was taking a couple of months ago and found myself excited about it again, so I am slowly working on it, in between school, kids, and work. I’m lucky if I can get a hundred words a day, but I keep plugging away at it.

    Best of luck with yours! I look forward to hearing about your progress.

    • Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to comment. Good luck with the novel. I’ve found that the more I try to put a little bit in each day the more the words multiply e.g. First it was only 1,500 words per week but last week it was 3,700 and the week before 2,900. I think it’s a matter of keep plugging away – not always easy though!

  3. Mum’s the word.

    It does seem many friends from Arts are writing a novel. One of them will be published soon! I’m just using the blog format to get back into the habit of writing (other than writing for work), no Robert Jordan like ambition yet.

    • Well done. It is a long uphill battle. It is my blogging over the past seven months that has got me into the habit of regular writing and, I think, given me the push to attempt the novel. I see it as a year long project and the worst that can happen is that there are no-takers and I will publish it by Blurb and put it into my bookcase. Don’t think my partner would allow it near the Robert Jordan books though. . .

  4. Just keep going! You’ll get there. It’s easy to let those doubts crowd out the great ideas and the excitement over a developing story. But I know you can do it — and it’s going to be great!!

    • Thank you taking time out to commment and give me encouragement. It is a long road but I have decided that this year is the year of the novel. I will keep pushing.

  5. Keep going – I write a bit a day ona variety of things and different projects. What I have found is that after a few years, I had four projects, all viable, and all nearing completion. A little bit here and there, the thought jotted down on paper, and an open mind to changing stories and ideas leads you along a very enjoyable path in my experience.



    • I have a play that took over ten years to complete – still hoping to get it performed! Not sure I could handle several projects at the same time as you do. Good luck with it all.

  6. If I ever get a dog, it had damn well better spend its time scratching itself and begging for food and attention, and stay the hell away from my keyboard. There’s only room for one creature too lazy to write a novel in this house.

  7. I have a novel that’s been in progress for two years. I’ve started it over twice before I was satisfied with how it was going. 🙂 I’m more concerned about finishing it than anything else. As for cleaning and ironing, those sound like tasks that would encourage me to write rather than restrict the process.

    Best of luck!

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