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Private Tutor asks WordPress about Cyberstalking

January 29, 2013

Dear Mr. Mullenweg,

In my capacity as a blogging private tutor, I write to you as C.E.O. of  WordPress.

A few days ago I received notification of a post from one of my favourite bloggers. She stated that she was the victim of a cyberstalker and that she intended to stop blogging.

To say I was angry is an understatement. She has a wonderful writing style and an active mind that produces posts on an amazing array of subjects – the description ‘eclectic’ does not do her justice. She has many followers and has been Freshly Pressed – the staff in the engine room at WordPress obviously know a good blogger when they see one.

Don’t let that go to your head WorPress crew. There is a problem here which we bloggers need your help with. My good friend, the cyber victim, says that it is not possible to block out individual people from coming to your site. So the stalker can stalk with impunity.

When one of your bloggers is being bullied/harrassed/cyberstalked I think it is your duty to step in and help. You have all the power here. You have peoples’ details and are able to see what they comments they make.

Cyber bullies, such as this one, tend to be no more than snivelling little oiks and not very bright. They are likely to be someone who jumps at their own shadow. They hide in their bedroom, faces an unhealthy pallor from spending too much on the computer. In some ways they are to be pitied but my sympathy goes to the lady being stalked.

Interestingly another blogger I follow posted the following a few days ago, ‘There are some real freaks out there who take pride in watching your every move on your social networking profiles, who always wait for your next photo of your cleavage, legs or even feet and hands.’

Cyberstalking is alive and kicking, it will not go away on its own. Not given adequate attention it will continue to flourish.

This is where WordPress can do its bit. An email to the stalker may be enough. Failing that, then contact with a solicitor local to the stalker and the sending of a letter may suffice. A further step may be for you to contact the local police force. A knock on the door and warning of potential incarceration will almost certainly work. All this is in your hands because you hold the cards, you have the power.

My question to you Mr. Mullenweg, as CEO of Wordress, is: ‘What are you doing to help victims of cyberstalking on WordPress?’

Yours sincerely,

A Private English Tutor

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  1. Good letter. I would be very interested in seeing their response, if they do respond.

  2. jessmittens permalink

    What a fantastic thing you’ve done with this, thank you so very much.
    I am always baffled as to why it’s the ‘victim’ (though I wouldn’t say I’m a victim as such, but I’m not sure what other word to use) is punished and the bully is rewarded and let off. It happens everywhere, and online is no exception.
    Wouldn’t it be great if the harasser was the one told to clear out?

    Thank you.

    • You are a victim – I have no doubt about that.
      Being told to clear off would be a minimum WordPress should offer.

      • jessmittens permalink

        I’m actually relieved the person has fallen for a girl and seems preoccupied with her now. Completely selfish and terrible, but it’s a bit of a load off. I pray she can shake him off, and is always safe and he stops latching onto girls!

  3. Thought provoking, as WordPress Daily Post has published a few articles on using social networking tools to increase a blog’s readership.

  4. The link above takes you to a site which has very interesting links to Cyberstalking articles. How to deal with it, etc.

  5. A friend of mine had a similar experience and ended up shutting down her blog and starting up a new, private one. She lost some readers during the transition, but seems to have shaken the stalker.

    Any response from WP?

  6. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks!

  7. WordPress is easily hacked. I tried to start a different blog and someone changed the theme before I could make a post. Many in my area monitor the blogs and stalk people for monetary gain as it isn’t illegal in my state. They often enter people’s homes-some placing listening devices, while others place tracking devices on the cars of visitors-so they can continue their “research.”

    I had one follow me to an area and turn on my cellphone, making it seem as if a relative had called from another state. This relative did not have the number as it was a new phone. This person went so far as to enter their home and leave objects to let me know they were “mind reader.”

    They work in “teams” in my area. Once recording a message and playing it back on my answering machine. They drive by and throw objects on my property to let me know I will be forced into their fake causes.

    They stalk friends, relatives, and even neighbors. One just asked me about someone leaving knives on her property and wondered it it was to be considered a threat. Doubtful since envelopes filled with powder and death messages aren’t. They’ve left bullets and I’ve never been shot-yet.

    It’s a security issue that saves the state a lot of money. I’ve never understood it, but after her husband explained how no one bothered him since he had a radio in his vehicle that could pick up deputies calls all was well. I never thought of that. All I ever did was call the police and tried to report it. They could be no less interested.

    So, they system of bragging about who you know is how they handle these situations in my state.

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