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Private Tutor Passes on Very Inspiring Blogger Award

February 13, 2013



Experienced Tutors has received the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’ from Pish’s Blog of Loveliness –   I totally understand why Pish’s Blog was given this award. A lovely blogger that WordPress should be proud of. Interesting, funny, warm – Pish is all of those. She has enriched my blogging experience and if you have the time to have a look, I think your blogging experience will also be rewarded.

As with everything else in life, there are rules with this award. They seem to be:

1. Display the award logo,
2. Link back to the person who nominated you,
3. State 7 things about yourself,
4. Nominate 15 4 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

The first two I have completed with aplomb. Now on to seven things about myself. I am happy it doesn’t state seven ‘interesting’ things because I fear this blog might never approach completion. . . So here goes:

1.    I am finding this really difficult

2.    As a kid I desperately wanted to be a professional football/soccer player – it never happened

3.    As a sixteen year old I went on an overland trip from England to 1,000 miles into the Sahara Desert inAlgeria – that changed my life

4.   My last trip was to Antarctica four years ago – It blew my mind

5.    Jonathan Livingstone Seagull (Richard Bach) is the book that has had the most influence on my life

6.    Jackson Browne’s lyrics are the one’s that make me think the most of any song writer

7.    Sir David Attenborough is the person whose life I would have liked to experienced

The Nominees:

‘I am nominating the following blogs for this award, if they choose to accept it. Honestly, I’m not expecting anyone on this list to feel they have to pass the award along or make a post about it or list interesting things about themselves. If they choose to do so, great … if not, also great!’

These are the words of Pish’s Blog of Loveliness and I couldn’t put it any better – see what I mean about Pish?

At this point I am having a problem with the word ‘Inspiration’. To me, it seems, perhaps, one of those over used words that have had the polish rubbed off them and are fast becoming an ‘ordinary’ word. Words such as: hero, heroic, genius, star and celebrity are banded about with gay abandon in today’s media and every Tom, Dick and Harry becomes a hero or a celebrity.

I do, however, have five  (sorry, not four) bloggers whose work I have found to be inspirational to my life at this point in time. All five have a lot of followers and I suspect that is because many others are enjoying their writings. Interestingly, they are all female – make of that what you will. . .

Shortly after receiving this award I was awarded the ‘Liebster Award’ by: The Beauty Within  In my next post I will pass this on to those of you whose posts have given me great reading enjoyment but do not have hoards of followers.

I am sure you may have been nominated before because I see you all have many followers. I don’t wish to burden you with ‘yet another award’ but the windows you open into your lives do inspire me and I thank you for that.

1.   Ireland, MS and Me

2.   Ramblings

3.   Joanne Phillips – a writer’s journey

4.   thisruthlessworld

5.   catherine, caffeinated

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  1. Well congratulations on your VIBA – much deserved. I really like your writing and everytime I read that phrase you used “like a pig at a potato” not only do I get a very visual image in my mind but I snort like a pig with laughing. Love it.

  2. Billie permalink

    Thanks for the nomination! I am so, so happy about it and I will look on how to handle it later today. Need a nap first… MS as always playing up but hey, with this award I am feeling much better already! :D)

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