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February 27, 2013
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Thoughts From The Corner

‘I follow you will you follow me.’

A line taken from the Genesis 1978 single (small, plastic, round object spun on ‘turntable –  remember them?) ‘Follow You Follow Me’ – last track on their ‘. . . And Then There Were Three’ album (as above only bigger and spun slower).

What a pile of commercial poo that turned out to be! Out went Peter Gabriel and in came piles of the legal tender.

Dollar Debt. This note is a legal tender for a...

Dollar Debt. This note is a legal tender for all debts, public and private. (Photo credit: Tudor Burja)

What about your blog, do you feel as if you are selling out? When you started it did you have lofty ideals of writing where the muse took you or perhaps seeing it as a platform to vent your spleen? Were you, perhaps, after somewhere to explore your creative talents, a blank canvas to delve into your inner-most thoughts, ideas, covictions and contradictions?

Where are you now?

As your blog has developed have you found yourself wondering more about your statistics than your ideals? When you open your internet machine do you find that you immediately look at: views, visitors, comments, likes and follows before reading the posts you follow? Are you admiring the gilding on your empire rather than shoring up its foundations?

This blog is ten months old and there have been times when I have spent more time looking at the numbers rather than creating its content. What is it about numbers that induce competition? I found myself fighting off the alter-ego that wanted more followers today than yesterday. I guess I write to be read so, in one shallow way, more readers = more writing success.

I delved into setting up a ‘Follow Trap’ and had a go at giving out ‘Likes’ as if they were confetti. It didn’t work. Yes, I received more views but hardly any fell into the follow trap. So then I moved on to ‘Comments’. More time consuming and one or two were tempted into the follow trap but not many. So then I clicked on hoards of ‘Follows’ as if they were going out of fashion. A few took the bait but most didn’t.

So, fellow followers, what do I do with all those blogs that I am following but do not have time to read? Do I kick sand in their faces by ‘Unfollowing’ or click that box so I never receive notification of their posts?

If I follow you will you follow me. . .

You don’t have to but it would be nice.

P.S. Private English Tutor gets out abacus and discovers: 66 Posts – 74 Followers – 100 Comments – 1,905 Views  –  But Whose Counting?

follows emoticon

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  1. Ahh the numbers game, it’s strangely addictive isn’t it? My ivory tower approach is to only follow blogs that I really want to read, without expecting them to follow mine. I also feel the pull to build up “likes” and comments, but I remind myself it’s all just for fun … right??

  2. Great post. I think it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers. When I started my blog a year ago, I found myself looking at the stats and drumming my fingers on the desk wondering when I would get my first comment. A year later, I have a nice following and I follow a lot of people, too. If someone takes the time to come by my blog and follow, I will reciprocate if I like what I see. But I don’t worry too much about the stats, these days. My blog has become a creative outlet for me. It’s great to have a place to publish my photography and poetry and I think the fact that I enjoy it brings more people by. Oh, and thanks for the follow and comment… 🙂


    • Thanks for the compliments and follow, much appreciated. My blog is ten months old and I have enjoyed the numbers game. However, like yourself, the outlet for creativity is the prime object. For several years I wanted to write a novel (which blogger doesn’t!) and I have used the blog to ease me into regular writing. So far it has worked. I am now 35,000 words into the novel and still going strong. I do thoroughly enjoy the blogging though. I first went for several months with little stories concerning my educational life and now I have become involved in blogging about aspects of blogging, writing, books and the demise of libraries in the UK. As they say, ‘onward and upward’. All the best.

  3. Yes, you’ve read my mind. I get a little bubble of excitement when the ‘follower’ email arrives. Who are they? What do they have to say? Why did they like that post? It’s the stayers I value, the ones who just might actually be reading me, rather than collecting those infernal numbers, that I too cannot keep from counting.

    Good to hear someone else voicing similar thoughts. Thanks, E,T.

    • Yes, it is the stayers that give most satifaction and you form some kind of ‘relationship’ with.

      I have just clicked to follow your blog.

  4. Even after just a couple of weeks of being back in the blog world, I do find myself looking at numbers constantly. I set up my stats page and hit refresh to see how many views I will get in a day, and I have to stop myself from trying to adapt my writing in order to make it more ‘attractive’ to readers. Then I stop and remind myself that I started writing for myself, not for anyone else. It’s a hard balance to manage…

  5. Write quality posts. Just like each chapter of your novel, end it with your reader wanting a bit more. And look…you followed me, I’m following you 😉

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