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‘Turn Off Brain’ screams Private Tutor

April 24, 2013

What a difference a new iron and ironing board make!

"private sociology tutor"

PLEASE. . . bear with me, there is a point to this and I’m sure this post will gather interest as it snowballs to its dramatic conclusion. Maybe not too dramatic because any private tutor that gets excited over the aforementioned houshold items obviously needs to get out more.

Picture the scene if you will, oh gentle readers, as the pile of neatly ironed ‘smalls’ sneaked up to its zenith. The ‘Drifters’ started to sing Sam Cooke’s ‘Wonderful World’ (younger readers please type ‘Drifters’ into ‘Wikipedia’) and my mind drifted, inevitably, to academia. Before you send your comment, I know the song is really about love:

But I do know that I love you

And I know that if you love me, too

What a wonderful world this could be.

But my mind was more tuned in to the lyrics:

Don’t know much about history

Don’t know much biology

Don’t know much about, a science book

Don’t know much about the French I took.

That just about summed up my 11 years of school education. Okay, my two best subjects English and Maths aren’t mentioned but Mr Cooke summed up in four lines what it took me 11 years to realise.

I wasn’t a bad pupil, I didn’t ‘bob off’ school and I didn’t mess around in class, not a lot anyway 🙂 I was brought up in a working class area and sent to a school that produced factory fodder. With the factories in that area now long gone, I wonder what the school churns kids out for today?

As the song progressed to the line:

Now I don’t claim to be an ‘A’ student

my mind wandered to one of the classroom inspections I had when teaching. The guy in his best ‘bib and tucker’ gave me a 4 out of 5 with 5 being the lowest. Did that make me a bad teacher? Well, the end of year examination results for that class were 50% gaining grade ‘A*’ and 50% gaining grade ‘A’. A bad teacher – I think not! A teacher not fitting in with the ystem – definitely!

So you see, even during the sanctuary of ironing (even with brand new iron and board), why is it always academia, academia, academia? ‘Turn off brain’ screams private English tutor.

Am I alone in having a brain that has a mind of its own or are we all in this together?

Wonderful World (Sam Cooke song)

Wonderful World (Sam Cooke song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. No your not alone at all as you’d find out if you got out more 🙂 However it’s as well that brain and body were roughly working in sync whilst ironing – think of the damage you could’ve done otherwise – too painful to contemplate.

  2. Must be being a male and able to multi-task 🙂

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