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‘All Together Now’, sings Private English Tutor

May 1, 2013
"private english tuition"

Thoughts From The Corner

You Schedule it in – Schedule it out

In out in out

Shake it all about

You do the hokey cokey/pokey and you turn around

That’s what it’s all about

Altogether now, Schedule it in – schedule it out. . . ‘

Ah, the wonder of schedules. Those time-consuming, life-draining, stress-inducing ‘things’ we live by.

In June I will be marking G.C.S.E. English examination papers i.e. exams taken by 16 year olds about to leave school. Already the paperwork has started and meetings scheduled in. Meetings away from home require scheduling of hotels and peripherals such as ensuring the cats and dog are fed. Starving the pets isn’t a trait I would encourage in anyone. . . There is a strict schedule of how many papers have to be marked and by which date. So I have scheduled in X papers per day to hit the target.

Imagine if you will the Education Game as being one huge jigsaw puzzle with each piece equating to a schedule. In theory, all the pieces slot together and produce a beautiful picture. In practice, however, round pieces are are often squashed into square holes. Often, those in the centre are forced to join the straight edged ones on the frame. Additionally, straight edged ones are bludgeoned into the centre. Then, of course, because the education system is not new and has been tampered with many times, there are missing pieces – down behind the settee cushions, vacuumed from the floor, eaten by the dog, etc. An incomplete jigsaw is not a pretty sight and that, unfortunately, equates to the state of the education system in the U.K.

"private tutor"

I will be one of thousands of exam markers this summer and that makes me a small piece in the big picture. All markers have their schedules to meet to produce an overall the whole scene. ‘ Ay there’s the rub’. Every year the exam marking system encounters problems. These range from candidates not being given the correct grade and papers re-marked to the grade boundaries being set too high or low and too many (or few) not achieving the top grades.

Somehow, society seems too complex. Too much is reliant on scheduling – the vista is too big. This private English teacher puts on his blinkers and does the hokey cokey/pokey regardless. All together now, one more time,  ‘Schedule it in – schedule it out. . . ‘

To see the dance in action and have a good laugh click on the link below:

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  1. Sounds dreadful! I take it we’ll not be hearing much from you in June apart from **£$! %*@@+# and similar?

    • You don’t get off that easy! By scheduling in a few draft posts I am ready to unleash them on the unwary bloggers on board this good ship WordPress.

      You are correct though – it is dreadful.

      • Oh good – I like reading your posts…honest I do. They’re funny. good luck 🙂

      • This may be a duplicate reply – I’m a bit out of it today. I’m pleased you’ve got some posts up your sleeve. I like them…honest I do. They’re funny

      • Good of you to say so – thank you.

        You did send two comments but it is good to feel popular. 🙂

  2. I heard someone wrote an algorithm that can mark essays…

    • Algorithm eh. . . can I get one on Ebay?

      If this algorithm chap can decipher the handwriting before make 1,001 subjective decisions that English essays require then he’s a better person than I am. 🙂

      • Hmm, pretty sure the algorithm only reads Microsoft Word, not 16 year old handwriting. Maybe you need the handwriting-reading algorithm too?

  3. Oh, dear. Sounds like a busy/crappy/overwhelming time. Best of luck!

  4. As a healthcare provider in private practice, I can so relate. I live my work life one hour at a time. I’ve figured out ways to make it easier, but it can be a challenge.

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