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‘One Year on board the Good Ship WordPress’, smiles Private Tutor

May 8, 2013

"private english tutor"

Today experiencedtutors celebrate one year blogging with WordPress.

‘Time for a quiet retrospective’ thinks this private English tutor. There are questions to be mulled upon, chewed over and spat out:

A.    Why set up this blog – i.e. aims and ambitions for those into business speak.

B.    Positive points on the last year’s journey.

C.    Negative experiences on the rocky road.

D.    Where now?

A. Why – Having set up our education web site (, perceived wisdom demanded that the site be found. After all, what’s the use of a shop window if the blinds are down 🙂 The great and the good of the virtual world suggested social networking as the way forward. A blog would be required.

Also, if we step back a little, this private tutor is willing to admit that he has been wondering for several years about putting pen to paper and writing a novel. Regular blog writing would, perhaps, help to nurture those seeds of discipline required for such an undertaking.

A blog seemed to serve both of the above requirements: social networking and novel training.

After much thought, deliberation and naval contemplation concerning: a name, which blogging platform and what to write about, the first post was published on 8th May, 2012. This was it:

"private sociology tuition stoke"

Thoughts From The Corner

Is EDUCATION another brick in the wall?

"private child development tuition stoke"

"private theatre studies tuition stoke"research methods stoke

What a load of rubbish it was. The images were stolen clip art and the words were stolen from ‘Pink Floyd’. However, as it used to say on my money box when I was young: ‘Tall oaks from small acorns do grow’.

Twelve months on from the post I can say that:

i.     The social networking has been a success. WordPress is extremely search engine friendly and often our posts are top of the unpaid sites on Google page 1. This then feeds into our web site, which also has good Google rankings.

ii.   The novel commenced six months after the blog and is now at 54,000 words and growing weekly.

B. Positive – Artistic creativity, reading wonderful writing and establishing virtual friendships around the world are but three of the positives.

C. Negative – few and far between. Perhaps my biggest complaint is that it is a ‘Time Thief’. Oh yes, ‘Where did that last hour go?’ It was spent analysing the statistics on my dashboard. . . lol.

D. Where Now? – What do I see on the horizon from way up here in the crow’s nest of the Good Ship WordPress?

For the foreseeable future the posts will still appear weekly.

See you next week in year 2 of the ‘experiencedtutors’ blog. 🙂

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  1. Congratulations on your “burfday”. Hope your next 12 months are equally agreeable, profitable and statistic-indifferent 🙂

  2. Oops – I mean you become indifferent to stats not that your stats become …you get the drift?

  3. Congratulations on your first year! I agree with your assessment of the experience of blogging. Mine has been much the same. Especially the part about the time-sink, but I love the camaraderie, and have learned much in the process! Here’s to another great year!

  4. Happy blogging anniversary!

  5. Happy Blog-a-versary! I’m happy you found your way to WordPress, and that we managed to “meet up” here on the inter webs. Here’s to many more happy blogging years for you and your fantastic blog! 😀

  6. Congrats on a great years blogging, I look forward to reading the book!

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