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A Great Moment in My Life Award

May 14, 2013

a great moment in my life award

Awarding the people who live in the moment

The noble who write and capture the best in life

The bold who reminded us what really mattered

Savouring the experience of quality time

Grandma Cranky – affectionately known to her groupies as ‘Cranky’, has passed on the ‘Best Moment Award’ to this private English tutor.

I had been flirting with Cranky off and on for several weeks but never ever dreamed that she would flutter her eyelids in my direction.

By now, I know, you are well rehearsed in the ‘go check out this fantastic blog’ blurb, so how do I urge you to take a peep at

Not since the ‘English Tourist Board’ invented William Shakespeare for the American tourists has such a comedian/philosopher/psychiatrist/grandma strutted the world’s stage – enough said? Convinced? It’s your loss if you don’t prise open the window on Cranky’s weird and wonder existence. Enough said of my third favourite grandma, on with show.

  1. Create an acceptance speech either by video or a written speech post
  2. Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers

I will opt for the video acceptance.

My life has had many great moments. 2009 saw me at Port Lockroy in Antarctica. I was photographing the Gentoo penguins when a chick came to me, stood at my feet and looked me in the eye. Time seemed to stand still but it must have been several minutes that he allowed me to photograph him. A great, great moment in my life. This is him – Gerry the Gentoo:


My Great Moment acceptance video is:

It is an 8 minute video of great moments in my life with a cast of millions – of penguins!

Now the bit you’ve all been waiting for – my blog nominations.

This award is for fun and an acknowledgement from me that your posts enrich my blogging experience. Do not feel obliged to pass on to others but please do if you so wish.

writeonthebeach  – – Fantastic sense of humour and lovely turn of phrase.

She Said What?  – – You want a laugh? Check out this recent post of hers –

codecalla  – – An educator and freelance editor/copy writer that posts very interesting observations

The Robotic Hermit  – – Anyone who posts about the wonders of a cup of tea deserves this award! See this post:

Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis And Me  – – A lady based in Ireland whose posts are always interesting and heart-felt.

Russell Ray Photos  – – As a photographer he knows all about great moments – great images and observations

Pish’s Blog of Loveliness  – – Honest and from the heart. A wonderful writer and observer of life

thereluctantranter  – – What a ranter – they don’t come much better than this

Sauch gander  – – Many great food moments with fabulous photographs to illustrate – always willing to comment

Mitten’s Kittens Blog  – – This lady had faith in my blog by awarding me my first ever award and I thank her once again for that. Always, always interesting reading.

Book Peeps  – – Doesn’t post as often as should, perhaps this ‘Great Moment’ award will help.

Ziggyshortcrust  – – The post that made me cry –

theinnerwildcat  – – Thoughtful and always interesting.

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  1. wow…another award. Quite the award season for you. Your mantle must be practically full by now. Congrats…

  2. Oh, you wise owl! This is the the best. Not because of the wonderful and kind things you said about me..but because of the awesome video. Oh man…what a visual delight! So far, I’ve watched it 3 times, afraid I had missed a great shot! and more wow. What a great adventure that must of been and how hard to squeeze into eight minutes!

    As usual, you also taught me something (oh yeah, old dogs can still learn). It boggles my mind that the southern tip of Argentina is just a short distance away from Antartica (o.k. Geography was never my strong suit).

    I am going to reblog this..I don’t want any of my followers to miss this awesome acceptance speech (video). And, I’m going to get busy and start visiting all those you nominated..I have great faith in your taste in bloggers! Thanks for sharing their sites with us!

    Before I start gushing, I’ll toddle off and wave goodbye till we speak again. But, before I go, take a bow, my man, for the job well done!

    To anyone reading the comment section of this I have good taste in nominees, or what!

    • You reblogged me – sounds like some kind of personal operation that no male should ever have to go through!

      What can I say but ‘Thank you’.

      Really glad you enjoyed the video. I do have a 50 minute version which I haven’t uploaded – not to ‘Youtube’ but to my web site. When I manage that i’ll get the site to you. It has many of my favourite songs on, the ‘Youtube’ video wouldn’t allow that because of copyright. Yeah, 8 minutes doesn’t it justice.

      Great being in contact with you. 🙂

    • Hey Cranky, I received a record number of views and visitors and two new followers – thanks for the reblog.

      • Not such a “painful” operation after all, is it! I’m so happy, and you deserve the recognition!

      • Hey Cranky, I think I’ve sorted that dvd.

        Here is the link:

        You may be asked to download ‘Photodex Presenter’ – do that, it’s only a few seconds and it gives you best viewing experience.

        Click on the penguin to start it.

        For the ULTIMATE viewing experience you should:
        i. Plug laptop into TV to get huge picture
        ii. Leave you feather duster in the corner for the next hour
        iii. Pour a tumbler of your favourite tipple – mines a Laphrog please (Scottish single malt)
        iv. Put your slippers on and feet up
        v. Join me on a journey to Buenos Aires and a bit of Tango then on to Ushuaia (the world’s most southern city) then on to the penguins and finally a look at Tierra Del Fuego National Park.


      • I’m going to sit aside some time this p.m. so I can give it the proper attention it deserves! Thanks!

  3. Reblogged this on Grandma Says.. and commented:
    I gave a Great Moment Award and received a Great Acceptance Post back. Check out the video, my friends, it’s awesome!

  4. Well thank you kind sir. I appreciate the honour. I did think the photo was going to be of you and when I saw it I thought, well, all cute and cuddly, must be a metaphor. Seriously tho’ the vid. was awesome. Well done you. 🙂

    • ‘cute and cuddly’ – can’t say I’ve been put in a sentence with those words. . .

      Glad you liked the video.

      Thanks for the great comment – I guess someone has to talk to me.

  5. Congratulations and enjoyed the video!

  6. There is so much I’ve loved reading in this post. The penguin story in particular is adorable, what a wonderful experience to have had! Thank you again for the mention, I’m checking out the other blogs now as well.

  7. Congrats! And thank you, what an honour!

  8. Many thanks! Please check out my post: Thanks again!

    • Very pleased you’ve accepted. They can be a little time consuming but I look upon it as a challenge to produce a piece of writing that is better than the acceptance post that I posted previously.

      I also have one next week and for that I will again attempt a different approach – hope you are able to tune in.

      As to the subject matter of my book. Cyberstalking is perhaps one way of describing it but that would be without looking at the sub-text. As I near the conclusion I will post more about it. The first draft is (so I read) only a small step to eventual publication – scary! I don’t want to excite the readership [both of them 🙂 ] too much.

  9. Billie permalink

    Oooh thank you so much! You are brilliant! 😀

  10. A somewhat belated thanks, I really like your blog, so it’s a bonus that you’ve nominated me for the award. As for food moments, let’s just say there are some moments that are so unique / cutting edge they’ve never made it out of the kitchen! But why ruin the myth that food bloggers eat fabulous food everyday? 😉

  11. I thought I had already commented on here. Argh! My email has recently exploded, so I’m waaaaaaay behind on things. *shame*

    Thank you thank you thank you for thinking of me. I am so happy you enjoy my blog enough to nominate it for an award. You know how much I love yours, but it bears repeating: LOVE IT! 😀

    I enjoyed the penguins, too. Adorable little guys!!

    • ‘Better late than never’ as the saying goes. To which the retort returns, ‘Better never late’ – do you have that one in the states?

      The good news is that I’m due to the spread the Liebster award (again!) and I have left you out of this one so no pressure to pass on. Hope you manage to catch it. I’ve made up my own rules – hope I don’t kicked out of the blogging bubble. 🙂

      Some times this blogging game does get a bit of an overload.

      ‘LOVE IT’ – now i’m blushing. . .

      Yes, adorable but smelly. Can you imagine standing around in your ‘you know what’ all day?

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