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‘WordPress Goes Down the Pan!’, mourns Private Tutor.

May 29, 2013

"private english tutor"

When this private English tutor goes internet surfing I enter a maze. I click here, I click there, I click everywhere – I end up taking a myriad of paths.

That was how I arrived at various sites warning me that ‘WordPress’ could go ‘belly up’ – you know, do the dying fly, go down the pan. The upshot of their dire warnings is that I needed to back up my beloved blog and they have just the software to do that – at a price!

WordPress Goes Down the Pan

After the initial panic of thinking that ‘experiencedtutors’ was in imminent danger disappearing into the ether, I decided that I needed to copy it somewhere safe. Following a modicum of naval gazing the penny dropped.

‘A BOOK! That’s what I’ll do. I’ll put all my posts from the first year of blogging into a book’, shouts the private tutor, whilst jumping up and down excitedly. Having undertaken such book projects previously, I entered the fray with enthusiasm. The company I had used is ‘Blurb‘. I have nothing to gain from advertising them, simply that I have been happy with them in the past.

Technical Bits – skip if bored 🙂

The process involved the software ‘slurping’ all my posts into a book form. The programme allowed me to add footnotes (web addresses linked in the post) and comments but I decided against this, simply adding my posts and the images. Unfortunately the images have to be added to the side of the page rather than in the text. Numbering the posts at the top of the pages, additional formatting and other ‘tinkering’ took several hours but I ended up with the book as I wanted it.

"private english tutor"

Book Cover

"private sociology tutor"

Images have to go down the side of the page

The Future

Having that wonderful creation – a book, on my shelf, I feel safe and secure in the knowledge that it will not disappear into the ether (a house fire maybe!) and it will not be obsolete technology. It will certainly outlast me, can the same be said of ‘WordPress’?

So picture in your fertile mind gentle reader. This private tutor a few decades hence, taking down the book from amidst the likes of Austen, Brontes and Dickens, then blowing the dust from the top of it. With slippers on feet, sitting in front of the blazing winter fire, a wee dram of nectar in hand, re-living his thoughts and feeling of the 2012-2013 through his book of blogs. Ah, a comforting thought indeed.

The book has no saleable value. It is a nice thought, however, to think that a couple of generations after I have ‘curled my toes’ and will be ‘pushing up the daises’ one of my descendents will find it on a book shelf where it has sat all those years.

‘Wow, just look at this. Remember that weird private tutor guy we had in the family, from way back when? Seems he was a published author!’

"private english teacher"

“Wow. He was a published author”

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  1. Billie permalink

    Brilliantly written with irony and sarcasm… just love it! 🙂

    Same thought entered my mind also, ‘what if?’ Will check out the link to Blurb. A while ago I actually printed off some of what I think are my favourite or best-written posts and put them in a nice folder where I can slide said posts to protect them from dirt, coffee and other flying objects. Sure, we’re all allowed a little bit of extravagance, right? 😀

  2. A world without WordPress? It’ll be like a world without Geocities (anyone remember Geocities?)

  3. That’s a great idea. Now you’ve got me thinking…which is difficult on most days…hmmmm….

  4. figures. I’ve posted over 180 posts in the four months I’ve been on WordPress and now find that they could wind up taking a dirt nap in the cyber zone. Hmmm..Does Blurb give discounts to senior citizens? Might have to check it out.

    • You may find discount codes online. There are other companies but I have found them to be be good with book quality and service.

      • I’ll check it out. It would be something I could have done for my granddaughter to have when I decide to kick the bucket some day!

      • Hey Cranky, I am sure she would prefer the Cranky Crown jewels that you have hidden under the mattress or your summer residence Chateau d’Cranky (on the outskirts of Paris) but if you want to leave her a book of your blog. . .


  5. Great post — and a great idea, too! You know, I never actually thought about WordPress going the way of the dodo. But it would be a shame to lose all that work … Hmmm …

    • On a more sobering thought. . . With all the crackpot leaders we have the world could go the way of the Dodo, so why not an internet company?

  6. Great post ET and a lovely idea. I too have had dire warnings about WP hacking and vanishing. I keep my posts on a usb thingy but doubt posterity will have any interest especially in the light of this morning’s post. But just think, if you have a fair few of your “musings” printed off you will save yourself all the trouble of buying pressies for eons. 🙂

    • Gulp! At £28 a throw. . . How much do you think I pay for presents???

      However, I did one of our trip to China in 1993 for my partner. She was ‘fair chuffed’. It made a lovely present.

  7. What a great idea. Maybe I can pay someone to do this for me. Soooo lazy.

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