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‘Danger! Garden Office Distracts’, chunters Private Tutor.

June 4, 2013

This is the Private Tutor‘s office in the garden. . .

"private english tuition"

Garden Office

Closer inspection will reveal all the necessaries – seat for those weary bones, reading glasses for the failing eyes, folder and papers to prop up the beleaguered British Education System and a mug of tea to cure all ills.

Even closer observation will reveal that the sun was shining. After a long cold winter and a non-existent spring even we Brits deserve one day of sunshine. . . So this was it, my chance to peruse those impending examination papers that I have to mark this month, in the fresh air and sunshine. Just to the left of the bench is a pond with fountain and running water. Ah bliss. . . 🙂

I had hardly sat down and spread my papers about me when I started to gaze at the Bramley apple tree. What a fantastic beast it is. Every year without fail [except last year – :-(] there is a proliferation of blossom followed by a wonderful crop of cooking apples.

garden 2

Blossom on the Bramley apple tree

That was the fatal mistake, looking around for something to distract me from the examination papers. I would imagine your lives are the same. It is so easy to NOT do the odious tasks in hand.

Not far away, hanging from a branch of the aforementioned Bramley is a bird feeder. As long as it contains ‘goodies’ the birds put on a never-ending show. The birds that entertain us include: blue tits, great tits, sparrows, dunnocks, robins, blackbirds, starlings and big, fat pigons. Big and fat because if they are able to get to the feeders they eat all the food contained within. The secret is to hang the feeders in the middle of a branch because the pigeons aren’t agile to land on them – sneaky but necessary to give the other birds a chance.

I say ‘robins’ but I think there is only one. I do believe they are very territorial. I say ‘dunnocks’ and ‘sparrows’ but I find it very difficult to tell the difference between the two. The robin approaches slowly, taking up three or four different perches before landing briefly on the feeder and then flying off with a single suet pellet. The dunnocks and sparrows are willing to spend a little more time on the feeder before flying off to. . . well, wherever dunnocks and sparrows fly off to. . .

"private sociology tutor"

Dunnock (or is it sparrow) and great tit (or is it blue tit)

The greatest flurry of noise and activity is when the starlings arrive. En masse there can be as many six vying for a position on the feeder. They now (June) have young to feed, which can often be found on the next branch waiting for the parents to take the suet pellets to them. Three or four young take a lot of feeding and a lot of suet pellets. A murmuration could eat one of house and home! At this time of year the young are bigger, duller and more fluffier than their shiny, sleek parents.

"private english tutor stoke on trent"

Starlings Feed as a Gang

So far, no papers marked. Another sip of tea and I’ll crack on. Ah, here’s Muffie. Our ever-friendly, ever-nosy blue merle border collie come for a stroke and a cuddle.

"private sociology tuition stoke on trent"

Muffie our blue merle border collie

As the private tutor saying goes – ‘Put off till tomorrow what doesn’t have to be done today!’

Time for another cup of tea – Education can wait. 🙂

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  1. Sounds like the few times I have tried working from home! Why write something for work when there’s sun, a park and many hipster cafes nearby? And I don’t even have a bramley apple tree to gaze at.

    • I’m sure you would enjoy working with bramley apples. Our tree is incredibly prolific. Summer is just starting here and the blossom is in full flow – hope this means lots of scrumptious apples!

  2. Billie permalink

    Once again a fantastic post! Had to laugh out loud once more 🙂

    Yes, it takes strength to be able to work from home. Yours truly was blessed with being quite focused and managing to sit in front of my laptop all day, but I can imagine that, with more moveable tasks that can be done anywhere and elsewhere, you can get easily distracted. I had to stay connected to a LAN-line you see, managed to drag it outside once only to have the sun annoying my laptop screen. Off I went inside again so, and inside I stayed 😀

    • Really glad you liked the post.

      Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining about watching the birds feeding, drinking the tea, etc. You know, sometimes, it’s a tough life. 🙂

      • Billie permalink

        Hahaha oh yes absolutely! I mean the sun in Ireland/England? Sure we get enough of that! No need to rush outdoors as soon as we see a ray of sun peeping through massive clouds… Hhmm… England you say? Oh yes, that’s where sunshine has become very rare indeed! 😀 (sorry, that’s me being sarcastic because I have to sit indoors right now waiting for a reporter and the delivery of a new mobile phone while the sun is roasting my garden alive right now :D)

  3. Great post, I know the feeling! Working from home for me = tidy home + no work done. I tried it and had to get an office.

  4. This is funny – and I identified with it soooo easily… the apple tree sounds lovely! And birds on bird feeders take away time quite nicely! There’s always tomorrow…

    • Thanks for the great comment. The apple tree is a star – sometimes so many apples we have trouble giving them away to friends and family.

      You’re right, there is always the day after tomorrow. 🙂

  5. Ahhhh … I wish I was one of your “down the road” neighbors so that I could sneak over and office share. What a wonderful work space — and the view can’t be beat! Loved this post and your photos. 😀

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment. It is a beautiful space. The birds give so much pleasure. They are always at their most active this time of the year trying to feed their young.

  6. Very nice pictures to go with the post! Too bad about your examination papers!

  7. You have to enjoy our good weather whilst you can. You never know what rain storm is headed our way and you can mark the papers then 🙂

  8. I am late sir, in responding to your lovely post and uber-lovely dog. My favourite breed. I used to have a couple up until a few years ago, incredibly intelligent and active. If you can’t procrastinate on a fine day, in the privacy of your own garden then the world is approaching its end. Good on yer!

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