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‘As Rare as Rocking Horse Turds’, bemoans Private Tutor.

July 17, 2013
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Thoughts From The Corner

That was until 15 came along at the same time! Who would offer this Private Tutor 15 awards!?

"private tuition"

15 Awards!

I hadn’t received any blogging awards for a couple of months or so and self-doubts began to set in. Didn’t any of my followers love me any more? Wasn’t anyone passing on awards any more? Didn’t any of my followers followers love my followers any more? Where were all the awards?

Then it happened, just as I was about to post and ask if someone would send me an award and drag me back into the flock, She Said What? came to the rescue.

Awards in my recent blogging life may have been as rare as the proverbial rocking horse doings but that hasn’t been the case with She Said What? Steph handed out no less than FIFTEEN awards in the same post. How can one blog get so many? Simple really – it’s a quality blog. I’m not going to give you the usual sales talk such as ‘Check out this blog it’s fantastic’ because being able to hand out so many nods of acceptance from your peers says it all.

I was able to choose as many of the awards as I wanted or simply none at all. Also, no rules – no fifteen of this and fifteen of that. Not being the greedy type [well, not often :-)] I have opted for The Loyal Reader Award. I try to read as many posts that come in as I can and this award recognises that:

        But at my back I always hear
Time’s winged chariot hurrying near;

(Andrew Mavell)

So, not all posts do manage to get read but I do my best within the constraints of time.

It does seem fair, however, that I add a sprinkle of snippets about the person behind the owl gravatar. Continuing with the theme of rarity, I thought I would throw in a few of my thoughts and how that word affects me:

i.    Having just finished marking 380 English examination papers the number of papers with good handwriting was very rare indeed!

ii.   Also, of those 380 scripts, Grade A* papers were exceptionally rare – perhaps one or two.

iii.  As befits a proper grumpy old man, the days when I don’t have a moan and a chunter about something are indeed as rare as rocking horse turds – usually to do with kids/noise/manners, although not necessarily in that order.

iv. My blogging life is now 14 months long. My initial aim was to blog at least once per week and I have always managed that. Not one week has passed without a post.

To make The Loyal Reader Award something of a rarity and therefore to be (hopefully) treasured, I will pass it on to only three blogs.

I have passed on several awards to many of you that read my blog, so please do not feel hurt if you not in this rare list. I want to say a big thank you to those I have had most comments off in the past couple of months. Without your interaction, writing this blog would be like writing a novel – a long, lonely road.

Not in any particular order:

i.    Book Peeps – This wonderful person actually reblogged one of my recent posts – Why I Will Never Be Great. That really was something special to have someone who thought my writing good enough to pass on. Book Peeps also takes time out to write more than an odd sentence in her comments – not many do that.  Very thoughtful, very rewarding and. . . Well, have a look yourself.

ii.   M. E. McMahon – This young lady (I’m sure she won’t mind me calling her young) has just branched out with a second blog. Her humour is wonderful and. . . Well, have a look for yourself.

iii. Writeonthebeach – Wonderful! Fantastic turn of phrase. She showers you with bits and pieces of her life and. . . Well, have a look yourself.

Feeling lonely, then send one of these three a comment I’m sure they’ll keep you company. Failing that you can always contact this Private Tutor – he’s always up for a good gossip!

"private english tutor"

Wooden rocking horse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you see any? Told you they were rare! 🙂

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  1. Wow, thanks so much for The Loyal Reader Award! More importantly, congrats on the completion of the grading of 380 English exams! I think I’d be too dizzy to write after that. I do like to comment on those posts that inspire or just get me to thinking. I follow a lot of blogs too and, unfortunately, can’t always keep up with them given the other to-dos in day-to-day living. Still, starting a blog was one of the best things I’ve done in a long time. I get so much more out of it than I could possibly give back. Thank you also for the lovely sentiments. I will, indeed, treasure them.

    • You are more than welcome to the award and sentiments – all richly deserved.

      Ah, English papers! A challenge in perseverance. Hours each day in front of the screen (all marked online now). Couldn’t believe how many poor quality candidates there were. It is possible that I was given a lot of low achieving institutions but it the standard of English is a real eye opener. Tedium is the biggest problem. Ah well, think of the money. . .

      I echo your thoughts about blogging. I blog once per week and I enjoy having my own artificial deadline. Rather like being a real journalist! I do read and comment on blogs daily though.

      Look forward to reading more of you. 🙂

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