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‘Where is “Blog of the Year Award 2013” ? asks Private Tutor

August 28, 2013

"private turor"

It may not be the most colourful but it is as important as any of the blogging awards this private tutor has received.

I sit here pounding the keyboard, putting together a few hundred words for a blog post every week, I comment on posts and I receive comments back. All well and good but when a comment arrives informing me I have received an award, then that is different. Appreciation from my peers is very welcome and I would like to thank Road To Beauty for the award. According to the stats she only has 23 followers – she deserves more. Please click and have a look to see what she what is up to and follow if you like what you read.


They are as follows:

1. Display the Award Certificate on your blog – and link that image back to your nominator [I added that last bit :-)]
2. Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.
3. Present 15 deserving bloggers with the award.
4. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.
5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Since I received my first award last November (Blog of the Year Award 2012) I have received several more and dutifully passed them on. I have found that most recipients tend not to pass them on but if anyone likes to award any to me, I am a willing participant and will play the game willingly. By the way, has anyone seen Blog of the Year Award 2013 ? If you have one I would love to receive it!

With regards to no. 3 above I always think 12 or 15 is a lot to award, so I will stick to my rule of always breaking rules by awarding. . . not sure yet, I’ll see as this post progresses.

No. 5 above is the tricky one. I will, however, endeavour to excite, agitate and kindle a modicum of interest in your good selves.


My nominations go to – in no particular order:

1. nwharrisbooks – A faithful reader who always likes/comments on my posts and has wonderful content. Plus, a recently published novel you may be interested in.

2. Angies Grapevine – Always interesting, always willing to like/comment

3. thereluctantranter – A ranter of wonderful rantivishness – one for those who like a good old chunter

4. fingerprintwriting – Lovely content – one who is willing to like and comment – for that I am very grateful

5. The Emporium of Lost Thoughts – Has liked/commented on many of my posts – thank you

To those of you that are feeling a little left out. I promise to award you Blog of the Year Award 2013 when someone awards me Blog of the Year Award 2013!

7 Interesting Comments About Me

After much sucking of the thumb, contemplation of the naval and scratching of the head I leave you with the following:

1. My best selling novel [in my dreams anyway 🙂 ] will have its first draft completed by the end of September.

2. I have just returned from a wedding in St. Ives (Cornwall, England). The place is a tourist honey pot. It reminded me that I hate crowds and will never again visit another tourist honey pot during school holidays.

3. With reference to point 2 above – I have grumpy old man tendencies before becoming a grumpy old man.

4. I do not like hot weather i.e. anything above 18 c. It makes me very grumpy. . . see above also.

5. I put all my books and cd’s in alphabetical order – how interesting is that? Should anyone replace one not in order I get very grumpy indeed – link this to numbers 2, 3, and 4 above.

6. I recently went to an Elvis tribute concert (not my choice). I couldn’t understand why the females on the row in front were standing up and screaming. Does that make me a grumpy old man? If so, please link to 2, 3, 4 and 5 above.

7. As mentioned above this private tutor likes to break rules so I will only write 6 interesting things about me – unless you find that interesting, in which case this is number 7.

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  1. Billie permalink

    Congratulations! Fully deserved!

  2. Congratulations incipient grumpy old man. If I knew anything about a BOTY 2013 award I would certainly pass it on to you. Not only do you post funny and interesting “stuff” you are an assiduous “commentor” and, as far as my posts are concerned, normally the only one. 🙂 Who starts off these awards anyway or do they just have a mind of their own?

    • Some big words and some humongous questions.

      The only one to post for you eh? I really must get out more. . .

      I think there’s a little man/woman sitting in a council office sharpening pencils all day and eventually coming up with another WordPress award. They were obviously on annual leave (another one!) when the BOTY 2013 should have released.

  3. Billie permalink

    Am I hoarding one called BOTYA13? Had no idea! If so, I will pass it on just as willingly and will of course return the favour!

  4. road2beauty permalink

    You post really thoughtful stuff….Your first point confirmed my feeling about you..such a thoughtful person with such imagination, depth, and observation about life and people, must be into book writing as well! Congratulations for all your awards, you truly deserve them. And yes, waiting for your book!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment.

      The book is nearing the end of the first draft. Then will be a few weeks break and then the first edit. It will eventually have a professional edit and then publication. It’s a long road but if I can’t get a publisher I will epublish.

      Thank you showing an interest.

      • road2beauty permalink

        Thats great and a big effort. If you have already trekked this much, you have build up sufficient momentum to carry you through the last phase. Do inform, when you publish, would love to read.

        I have always wanted to write a book but could never gather up the courage.

      • I will post progress on the blog.

        It took me several years to get my head around it and I started last November. I decided to put many things on ‘hold’ and trek on regardless.

        You will know when the time is right. I don’t think that means that it will be a best seller or anything like that but it is an achievement to simply climb the mountain.

  5. Congrats! As usual, your post put a smile on my face. I’m excited about your book…keep us updated! You must have ESP since…well, never’ll be a surprise!

  6. Thanks for the nomination! This should drive me to posting something new on my blog. I have been far too busy with everything else going in my life. I am determined to pull something together this evening, by hook or by crook.

    As always, I look forward to seeing a new post on your blog, especially the interesting places you like and frequent.

    • Thanks for the great comment.

      ‘Time’ is always the problem. I set a target of one post per week and I have maintained that sin May 2012 but it’s not always easy.

      I will post another two or places local places in the next few weeks.

      Thanks for your support.

      • I have finally finished my Versatile Blogger Award post in response to your nomination. Thanks again for the kind words. I try to post at least twice month though the summer and my family have conspired in a good way to keep me away from my computer during my free time in the last month. I will hopefully be back on track after Labour Day.

  7. Congratulations! Re BOTY13, what if I created the award and passed it to you?? (After all, all awards were invented by someone..)

  8. Thanks for the award! I feel so honored! 🙂

  9. I said I would, and it is here, the Blog of the Year 2013 award created just for you:

    Hope you like it! Now I’m going on the run from the WP police.

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