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‘Old Bloggers Never Die, They Simply Fade Away’ hums Private Tutor

October 7, 2013

"privte english tutor"

Please don’t think this private tutor has been ‘doing away’ with bloggers! 🙂 However, some/many of my followers seem to have disappeared. More of that anon.

Recently I have been awarded the Liebster Blog Award by Me – Who am I? I would ask you to visit this excellent blog. I do enjoy it and I hope you will follow it and get as much enjoyment out of it as I do.

Looking at the awards that I have received in eighteen months of blogging, I am proud of my achievement. The fact that there are bloggers out there willing to say that they enjoy my writing is wonderful. People lead busy lives and for them to take time to single me out is something that I am grateful for.

Without a doubt my virtual trophy cabinet is bulging – rather like my midriff but there are some things that should not be pondered upon for too long! Every award sent to me I have passed on. There are times when, like a bored child at the back of the classroom, I have not completed the exercise as per the rules. I see bending the rules as part of the fun and in passing on this Liebster Award I will continue bending, breaking and mangling those rules to the best of my ability.

"private sociology tutor"

Private Tutor Admires His Hoard

My dashboard says that I have 139 followers. Not having the time to titillate and captivate others, I work on the ‘quality rather than quantity’ theory. This brings me around to the thorny problem of who to pass this award on to. I have so few followers but have received more than my fair share of awards; I am sure all of you have received at least one from me. I don’t want this to get repetitive and boring by passing on the award to the same bloggers again.

When I post my weekly blog I receive approximately 20 views. I am guessing that it is, more or less, the same 20 you that read my posts every time. You have all received awards from me. So what to do to keep this game fresh?

one to one tutor

How to Keep the Game Fresh?

I have decided not to pass the award on directly but those of you want it and are willing to pass it on must earn it. 🙂

So, the rule is, you need to complete the following sentence:

“I would love to receive the Liebster Award from Experienced Tutors because. . . ”

This is not a competition because all who reply will receive the award. I wouldn’t be following you if I didn’t think you deserved it and I am more than happy to pass it on to you.

So that’s it – if you want it you must earn it.

Now then, back to my opening paragraph. What does happen to all those disappeared followers? Look down your list of followers and check some of those you haven’t heard from in a while. When did they last post? What has happened to them? I said earlier that I have 139 followers but I would estimate that 30% – 50% have ‘faded away’.

Have you ever had a follower that posts furiously and enthusiastically and then slows down and ultimately disappears? I have. Where do they go?

*    Do they simply read and not post?

*    Have they shuffled off their mortal coil?

*    Have they gone to Tumblr or Blogger?

*    Have they run out of time once finishing  sorting out their Twitter account?

* Have they become hooked on Pheed? Not heard of it? Check it out – You heard it here first. Even grumpy private tutors keep abreast of the latest ‘In’ things. 🙂

"pivate tutoring stoke on trent

Grumpy Private Tutor

I know your not a blogger that has faded away because you are one of the 20 who have reached the end of this post. For that, thank you. Why not enter, send this private tutor a sentence and earn yourself a Liebster Award?

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  1. There are all sorts of reasons why followers “fade away”. I’m sure many of mine weren’t true believers in the first place they were just hoping for a quid pro quo arrangement. Others start with the best of intentions but the road suddenly takes a nasty turn when they realise how much commitment is needed and off they go to ex-bloggerland and some, like me, go into respite care decorating and preparing the house for sale, before bouncing back to bloggerland. I try to keep up, I really do. Anyhoo, congrats on yet another award, I can see you’ll be needing a new virtual trophy cabinet soon. .

    • You’re right in everything you say. I especially think the commitment is important – blogging is for the long-haulers.

      New cabinet – I’m thinking of passing them onto the local museum to display alongside the Staffordshire Hoard. Those trinkets may pale into insignificance somewhat against my trophies but it would certainly increase museum attendance. Do you think I should charge an entrance fee?

      • Oh definitely and of course, you could do your magnificent octopus book signings there as well – another treasure in the making. 🙂

  2. Billie permalink

    Oooh so sorry t hear some of your followers have disappeared! You and your blog definitely do not deserve that! I will try to write something here in regards to your award…

    “I would love to receive the Liebster Award from Experienced Tutors because. . . “
    … you and your blog have made me laugh so many times, and have made me look out for more books, more grammatical errors and more laughs in my own blog. I would love to pass on the award to some of my followers who deserve a little limelight because of who they are, what they do and what their blog stands for. The award is not about recognition for me, but about recognition for them.

    Please keep blogging; I promise hand on my heart I will remain a true follower.

    Take care!

    • What a lovely reply – thank you.

      You really do deserve the award and I therefore duly award you the ‘Liebster Award’. May you use it wisely and spread a little happiness to a fellow blogger this very day.

      All the best to you in rainy Ireland.

      • Billie permalink

        Aaaw thank you! And every word in it was meant also 🙂

        Billie now singing ***you rock, Experienced Tutor, you rock, you rock*** :D)

      • Even fat, bald, ugly and past-it tutors rock, you know. 🙂

  3. I think it is due to the summer as it was so nice that people went out more, then you have holidays, children, grandchildren etc. I think some of our bloggers will be back after the clocks change. Xx

    • Thank you the comment. You may be right but some of mine go way back and I do think they may have gone to. . . I wonder where it is they go to?

      Don’t we all look forward to the clocks changing with dark mornings and no light evenings! 🙂

  4. I also think a lot of bloggers/followers just stop blogging, since WP and Blogger are full of ‘ghost’ blogs that have great content, and the last post was from one month ago…which turns into 6 months…then one post, and … nada. I’ve also seen a couple of bloggers who pop up as ‘new followers’ twice or three times, so it looks like they churn over the blogs they follow?

    Anyway it’s all a bit of a mystery!!

  5. That’s a great twist to the award. I like it! Regarding the fading away followers, I’ve seen this too. It definitely makes one wonder why or where they have run off too. I know that there are no official rules in the blogging world, but it sure would be nice of them to publish a “goodbye” post before heading out.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. I do like to add something a little different to what is a tried and tested formula.

      I suspect many do not really want to say goodbye but run of ideas and think that perhaps they will take it up gain some time in the near future. Then ‘real lfe’ takes over and it never happens.

      • That is an excellent point. Life does have a way of doing that. Then, before we know it months, if not years, have passed by.

  6. I’m appreciative, but not in need of, the Liebster award; let me say, however, I feel your pain about blogging followers. It looks like I have a lot at the moment (thanks to the Facebook link foisting my posts on my friends whether they want them or not), and the count has been growing–but I’ve also been blogging for about eight years, so . . .

    Anyway. I have no answers. I’m just commiserating. And if I may, I’d like to reblog one of your posts some Tuesday.

    • Thank you taking time out to comment.

      I don’t have the Facebook problem so much because I don’t really use it. I click the button to post my blog there but that’s about it.

      I would love you to reblog one of my posts. Thank you.

  7. Billie permalink

    They definitely do rock! Just wondered if I could use your first name in my blog post? Always writing “he” is a bit unpersonal and somehow lacks respect for a great blogger like yourself! Will write it right now, and will update the post later.

  8. I’m still here…just reading for a while instead of writing. A post shall be coming forthwith…or something like that.

  9. “I would love to receive the Liebster Award from Experienced Tutors because my blog already has two awards and as Monty Python once said two is the magic, no three, three is the magic number.

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