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Everyone Dreams, Argues Private English Tutor

October 14, 2013
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Thoughts From The Corner

Before the subject of dreams, I would like to thank celticillumination and Billie for gracefully accepting the Liebster Award that I offered in my last post. Two bloggers who deserve a closer look if you have the time to take on more followers.

As a one to one English tutor I can safely say that exam success is a dream of all my students. The academic level is irrelevant, the dream is always there.

This time last year, I was fortunate enough to be on a cruise around the Mediterranean. Being on such a cruise had never been a part of my dreams. By a quirk of fate the opportunity came along, so I grasped it with two grateful hands. On the other hand, not so long ago, I had taken part in a photography expedition to Antarctica – now that was a dream come true! A dream that I had plotted, hatched, nurtured and fulfilled over several years. A peep into that dream can be seen here Both of the above trips were on ships but the experiences were two totally different beasts.

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The Stuff of Dreams

Whilst being served lunch on the Med. cruise I was talking to our waiter, Ron. Ron and all the dining room staff were from the Philippines. Suddenly, without prompting and almost ‘outside’ our subject of conversation, Ron said, ‘I am always dreaming. I always dream’. He looked at me, smiled and then moved on to the next table.

I began to think of Ron. To be more precise, to think of our relative positions. Me, the privileged cruise passenger from the West and Ron, the waiter from the East. When I awoke in the morning I had to decide whether to go to the dining room for breakfast or to order cabin service. Then I had to decide whether to attend a lecture on our next port of call. Then, do I play deck quoits, join a Bridge session or perhaps just lie on a deck lounger taking in the Mediterranean sun. And so the days passed. . .

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Sometimes deck games seem far too energetic! That’s not me in the picture. . .

Ron, on the other hand, had all his decisions made for him. He was told which tables he would be waiting on for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He would be told if he was on duty for Afternoon Tea or the late night snacks after the evening cabaret had finished. He would be told. . . He would be told. . . He would be told. . .

I thought of Ron recently when I giving GCSE English lessons to a recently arrived gentleman from the Philippines. He told me his dream was to be a Maitre d’ on a cruise liner.

Ron never did say what his dream was?

What are yours?

  1. Antarctica!! That would be a dream indeed. I don’t know if dream is the right word, but I’m always thinking about what could be different, from mundane everyday things to big, proper-dream stuff. One mundane thing is to live on a different continent for a couple of years, learning a new language and learning to fend for myself from scratch. And eat lots of good food along the way.

  2. Shaw-ry permalink

    As your ‘other half’ on that trip (and in life!)
    I couldn’t agree with you more but also marvelled at the way Ron and his fellow crew mates were so very happy with what they had acheived, maybe we should take a few lessons too eh!!!

  3. Billie permalink

    Thank you for mentioning me again! You are a truly great follower!

    Dreams… everyone should have them. Otherwise, what’s the point of living? Antarctica would be on my bucket list, as is the Med. Despite growing up close to the French border, I never went on holidays in France. I suppose you cannot count going to Eurodisney as a holiday, right?

    Otherwise I’ve and still am always working consciously towards seeing my dreams become reality. Move to Ireland: check. Do library studies and work in one: check. Start psychology degree: check (although that one has been smashed by being diagnosed and is still waiting to be picked up again). Did counselling studies: diploma with merit so double check. Writing in English: check…

    For every Ron there will be ten that will actually fulfill their dreams. The only thing you need to do is get of your *rse as the Irish gladly put it 😀

    • Yes, that’s me – always follower never a leader. After all, if you put your head above the parapet you may get it shot off – right?

      Not sure about Eurodisney. I went to Disneyworld in the ’70’s. It wasn’t the whole holiday because it was part of a three month trip to the States, so I’m not sure if I class contact with Mickey Mouse as a ‘holiday’.

      Seems to me your succeeded in a few of your dreams but have you noticed that as soon as you achieve one there is another lurking around the corner?

      I wouldn’t completely write off Ron. He seemed a determined character. I really wish him well.

  4. Wow, a trip to Antarctica. What a fascinating experience that must have been. I have simple dreams. The main one is to live in a home tucked away on a private piece of land, surrounded by trees and overlooking the ocean. Simple, yet wonderful.

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