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Growing Slowly or Standing Still, Deliberates Private English Tutor

October 28, 2013
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Thoughts From The Corner

Be afraid not of growing slowly, only of standing still

Chinese Proverb

When I came across the above proverb I couldn’t resist a bit of naval-contemplating, brain-cell crunching, head-scratching time to wonder at its wisdom.

Immediately it struck a chord (well, two actually) with both my professional and my personal life.

Professionally, as a private English tutor, I wonder about and spout words of wisdom [as I see it :-)] that push examination candidates along a track to enlightenment – more accurately, I help them to obtain a piece of paper.

I see my job as a series of meetings where one person has a little more knowledge than another, on a particular subject, and attempts to pass on some of that stored-up knowledge. It takes time. An end result cannot happen in one meeting. Education is a drip-drip process. Slowly but surely, with application, a person can gain that precious ‘knowledge’ to fulfill the requirements of the powers-that-be and obtain that precious piece of paper.

Education is a slow process

Education, however, doesn’t necessarily have to have a piece of paper as an end result. The wonder that is education presents itself in a myriad of forms. It may be from a new born baby learning to crawl and then onto walking and then onto feeding itself and then all the way to that baby growing up and passing on knowledge as a private tutor!

It really does take time; one needs to grow slowly. The option of standing still is not an option. The problem is patience. Oh, how I wish students had more of that!

Intermittently I have mentioned my scribblings, as an attempt to unleash on the unsuspecting world a novel. ‘Nothing novel in that’, you are probably thinking. Every man and his dog is writing one. That may be so but all writers are alone (apart from their dog) in the slow and patient quest to reach ‘The End’.

Six weeks ago I finished the first draft of my first novel. Perceived wisdom dictates that a break follows to ‘clear one’s head’ before embarking on that dreaded first edit.

So, here I am straining at the bit, ready to start chopping, chewing and mangling my future best seller [only kidding about that bit ;-)]. The problem is that one thing leads onto another and here I still am, still having to do a multitude of tasks that life seems to throw at us and unable to let loose my puppy from ‘standing still’ to allowing it to grow – albeit slowly.

Time to let loose the puppy.

Am I afraid of my novel standing still? Of course I am.

Oh how this private tutor wishes he had some of that patience he sees his students exhibit. 🙂

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  1. Even tho’ it may be a bit frustrating I think you’ve done the best possible thing in terms of keeping your hands or rather blue editing pencil off your mss. As one who has no patience whatsoever I’ve fiddled and faffed with mine until I can’t see the words for the red mist in front of my eyes. I think I’ve wasted so much time over so-called editing but it’s only now, when it’s out for reading that I really see that. Enjoy your “break” whilst you can – your mss will soon be taking over a large part of your life again. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the thoughtful comment. Can I use a red pen instead of blue? You know how it is with us teacher-types.

  3. Billie permalink

    Fair play to you indeed of being able of a) being able to finish your first draft and b) for being able to leave a break in between before starting the first edit. Of all the writing tools I have subscribed to, they all indeed say to leave a break. But I cannot even do it for blog posts, I wonder how I will fare so with the book I said I would write :D)

    Already so looking forward to reading your book 😀

  4. Thanks for the comment. Yes, even finishing the first draft is an achievement. Ten months of ‘sticking at it’. However, I may have won that battle but the war rages on. Good of you to say you’re looking forward to it. With a general theme of Cyberstalking and an underage relationship playing a prominent part it won’t be to everyone’s liking. Hope that hasn’t put you off. 🙂

    • Billie permalink

      Oh god no, I am now absolutely and definitely looking forward to it! Both themes are very “now” so it’ll fit perfectly in what I love reading about!

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