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2013 Review of a Private English Tutor

January 6, 2014

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,200 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

So what does it all mean for this private English tutor?

My aims when setting up this blog in May 2012 were twofold:

i.    To achieve a regular writing discipline that would enable me to write a novel.

ii.   To use the blog as a form of social media, that would help direct potential students to our web site:

To cut a long story short, it has worked for both the above points.

The novel now has a 78,000 word first draft, that will have achieved its first edit by the end of this month and could well see publication before the end of the year – and those searching for tuition in our subjects in our area, find our web site ranking well with the search engines. So, job done!

All that seems very cold and calculating – it is!

What has surprised me is that the blog has become more than my two original objectives. That is where you guys come in. Out there, you are reading this and I have become a part of your blogging life. I read of your trials and tribulations and and sometimes we exchange comments. That gives my blog a human aspect, not simply one to achieve the two objectives. A blog is like a baby that you give birth to and then tend and nourish and as you watch it grow and mature, you become more and more attached to it. Like most things in life – you get out what you put in. Enough waxing lyrical, what do the numbers that WordPress have produced mean?

Purely from a numbers point of view, my most popular posts were those dealing with B.D.S.M. and those passing on awards. As to what that says about you guys out there – I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. 🙂 I have just been awarded the Liebster Award by an interesting blog: bradfonseca. I will be passing that on soon – I wonder if my viewing figures will rise?

I posted 49 posts in 52 weeks. What happened in those 3 weeks I didn’t post? They have been the last few weeks. I have wanted to push on with the editing and used my time for that instead. Also, time was taken up entering the Richard and Judy new novelist competition. This is Britain’s answer to Oprah’s book club. With a £50,000 publishing contract for the winner, what have I got to lose?

The annual review gives the top referring sites to my blog; next to WordPress it was Twitter. Last April I joined Twitter because. . . well, it seemed the thing to do, to help me when my novel eventually gets published. I posted about this at the time – Twitter Post. I have been slowly building my followers to more than 2,200. Followers on Twitter are certainly easier to accrue than they are bloggers on WordPress. I have found it good fun but not as engaging as blogging. To be perfectly honest with you – I still don’t really ‘get’ it. . .

Many of you have communicated with me in the past year and to you all I would like to say a huge THANK YOU. Without you I wouldn’t have a blog.  However, there are those that have taken up more of my time – in a good way. Those that I have had more comments with/from are:

i.    writeonthebeach (48 comments) – Fascinating stories of the English coastline from her area, although she is about to run away to France. I love her turn of phrase and sometimes acerbic wit.

ii.    Saucy gander (42 comments) – If you like food, you’ll like Saucy. Although, I thoroughly enjoy how she leads you into the ‘how to do it’ bit with great stories. Wonderful.

iii.   Billie (32 comments) – A lady from Belgium who is more Irish than the Irish! Do look at her great blog.

iv.   crankycaregiver (24 comments) – How brilliant this lady is. . . Do check her out.

v.    pishnguyen (20 comments) – Pish’s Blog of Loveliness. The right words in the correct order. A blog from the heart. Lovely.


              Thank you flying experiencedtutors!!!

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  1. How interesting and clever of you! You kept the bit about finishing your first draft quiet. Well done you – however much editing you might have to do, it must be a huge relief to have got so far. I do hope the comp.brings success for you in 2014 – I shall definitely be keeping a watch on it. Have a great year ET with lots more wins to come.

    • Thanks for the lovely comment.

      First draft finished way back in November.

      First edit not quite finished. Another two weeks or so. Then a little break while I look at all the information I have gathered with regard to editors/publishers etc. Then a second edit – probably about six weeks for this one. Then get a professional editor.

      Short list for Richard and Judy announced by 1st March. Although I hope. . . I don’t think the opening is strong enough (hence, one reason for the second edit), they wanted the opening 10-12,000 words. Maybe the synopsis will carry it through. Maybe not 🙂

      Looking forward to more of your cut and thrust wit in the months ahead.

  2. I love spending time in your world here on your site. I always leave with reluctance and a smile on my face. I love your wit and your writing style. I can’t wait to see what wonderful posts you’ll do in 2014.

    It’s always great to reach a goal, and we have both been lucky (or dare I say talented) enough to be well on the road to reaching the ultimate goal…finishing our darn books. I must say, you seem to be a jump ahead on me since my book is slowly gathering dust (Achoo!) since school work and this irresistible urge to keep writing short stories seems to have taken over my writing time. Let’s hope 2014 sees both our books on a shelf in a bookstore!

    Thanks so much for the mention.

    • Thank you for the lovely long comment – it is so easy to type a few words and move on because there is always something waiting to absorb our time.

      Don’t leave the book on the back burner for too long. ‘Ah! Should have finished the darn thing!’ reads Cranky’s’ epitaph. . .

      Really look forward to your posts of 2014.

  3. First draft done? And a friend has just handed in his PhD, December has been a productive month! Here’s to a good 2014 with more trainloads of visitors and pupils.

  4. How do you generate an annual report for your blog on WordPress?

    • Open the email WordPress sent you a few days ago. Scroll down and you will see where to click to produce a draft post. Come back to me if you still can’t sort it.

  5. Awww! Thanks so much for the mention in your post and for your extremely kind words. I consider us old and dear blogging buddies. 😀

    On another note — Congrats, congrats, congrats on the fantastic progress with your novel. I am so excited for you. And perhaps a bit jealous, too. Maybe I’ll manage to get my behemoth of a book project done one of these days. Good, good luck to you for the contest you entered. I hope you win!!

    • Thank you for your kind words.

      The novel has progressed because of 90% dedication and 10% inspiration. I had heard writing a novel is like running a marathon. How true! The finish line is there in the distance – simply keep plodding on. Even if it’s only 30 minutes daily. Mine is still a long way off publication but I will keep pushing until it gets there.

      As for the end quality – that’s for others to decide upon 🙂

  6. Billie permalink

    Sincerest apologies for not replying to this post sooner Dean, totally forgot to! Thank you so much for mentioning me, I honestly appreciate this big time! As you know, I am a big fan of your blog so I appreciate the mentioning even more. Looking forward to reading more of your blog this year, and I’ve major catching up to do in reading yours :D)

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