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‘Did Plato have it wrong’, wonders Private English Tutor?

January 20, 2014
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Thoughts From The Corner

Where one can talk as easily of decades as they can of single years [as this private English tutor can :-)] then it is safe to assume they have been around the block once or twice.

Plato said:

Time brings everything.

"private english tutor stoke on trent"

I don’t doubt Plato’s wisdom but I wonder if he is totally accurate here and I do wonder what he means by ‘everything’.

This got me a-thinkin’ about what Time had brought me in this adventure that we call life – or perhaps it got me a’thinkin’ what time hadn’t provided me with. In a nutshell, it hasn’t brought me fame, fortune and beauty!

In the grand scheme of capitalistic acquisitions, I have obtained many things in my life which my ancestors wouldn’t even have dreamed of. Car, TV, telephone, computer, camera, etc. Wonderful devices that they are, I am not convinced they make my life any better than theirs. The devices lurk under the umbrella called ‘Progress’ but I don’t think they come under the purest meaning of the word.

Compared to many, time has brought me a privileged life style. Sometime long ago, I crossed the border from working to middle class by dint of my education. My blogging friends around the world, not being as moribund in a class system as we British are, may not quite appreciate this crossing of class boundaries but please bear with me.

That privilege has meant that I have not had to spend my life in a coal mine, steel foundry or breathing in the dust on a pot bank (wedgewood, Doulton, Spodes, etc.) – the three industries that proliferated the area during my youth. All I have had to put with, have been spotty-faced obnoxious teenagers that didn’t want to be in a classroom and had to carry out ridiculous directives sent down from above by so-called managers that didn’t know their ar*e from their elbow. They may have been good teachers before their promotion but many couldn’t manage a pi*s up in a brewery. 🙂

"private sociology tutor stoke on trent"Private English Tutor Avoids Coal Mine

Taking the leap of faith from that formal education system to that of a nomadic private tutor was one of 90% perspiration 10% inspiration. Useless directives from above now sit my virtual In Tray, languishing under a pile of virtual dust and those disruptive teenagers blight the lives of colleagues that remain propping up the tottering British Education System. A system led by governmental donkeys while thoroughbreds till the barren soil.

As the decades have rolled relentlessly onwards I have gained and experienced much but as it says at the top of this blog, ‘You never know what’s around the next corner’.

Is Plato’s ‘everything’ still awaiting this private English tutor?

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  1. You’re very philosophical this morning – been taking the pills? I suppose it all boils down to what you define by “everything” and what Plato actually meant too. These Greek philosophers could be so obscure at times. But from what you’ve said even if you’re cup doesn’t exactly runneth over it does soundeth to be a good half-full. Oh and a tip for peeking round corners – get one of those mirrors on a stick 🙂 Have a lovely week and thanks for the thoughts.

    • I am sure the cup would be half full if only it wasn’t half empty 🙂

      Would a mirror fit on my walking stick? If so and if I used it would I fall over? If so would I be on a trolley in a corridor for two days. Oh dear – there’s that cup half empty again. . .

  2. I suppose time doesn’t bring diapers. Or does it? 😉 Don’t know about ‘everything’, but age and experience hopefully brings a little more patience, and wears down a bit of rashness. Or maybe just the ability to look back and say, those were interesting times!
    I am being very philosophical too, must be time to look for a new job!

    • Time did indeed bring diapers! Those diapers have now turned into an expectant mother – Ah, the cycle of life. . .

      Does time bring patience? It would – if only I wasn’t surrounded by so many idiots. 🙂

      Interesting times – Indeed they were. Times to come – I did to dig deeper int the cookie jar.

      New job – Ever tried baking cakes? 🙂

  3. Fortunately, your measure of ‘everything’ is not necessarily a material quantity. Half full or half empty, how much is enough? In the Healing Garden, we have a saying, “Everything in the fullness of time.” Your Plato may just be kicking in this decade. Or next. – The Healing Garden gardener

  4. I am not too sure that Blair’s reclassification of working class into the middle class is true. In the south, the Labour Party did not support the working class except in cities. They suffered on lowest wages in small engineering works – I will explain why later.

    The Labour Party was not about the working class. The Labour Movement was about the unskilled labouring classes who worked in large establishments. Political support from the skilled working class was distributed across all parties. Middle Class Arts organisations like the ICA, have perpetuated the idea of working class as only occurring in large establishments in the north and Scotland.

    Baldwin the Tory PM in 1920’s invented the idea of the loyal, respectable working class as defenders against Marxist revolution and riot. He reclassified the skilled working class as superior to unionised labour and won their vote. It is not surprising this happened, because historically the old skilled artisan middle class, which had consisted of masters and journeymen, had been a self-employed class. They were absorbed as journeymen in factories, but maintained their resilient culture. (The luddites are an example of this movement in mill towns). They still had a feeling of independence as opposed to farm labourers who tended to become industrial labourers in towns.

    The trick of redrawing the class structure is not new. Is it true everyone is middle class now, I doubt. Poverty and poor educational attainment seems widespread across the whole country these days. The middle class have come a long way from rural and urban freemen in medieval guilds (Trade Unions) to what they are today. The real class line today is about public or private education.

    • Thank you for taking time out to make such a detailed comment.

      Political History isn’t one of my strong points so you won’t find me arguing against you.

      Your last line is really interesting and I suspect you are right.

  5. you are all lame… the cup is always full half air and half liquid 😛

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