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Editor Wanted – Can You Help?

February 17, 2014
"private english tutor"

Thoughts From The Corner

I am looking for an editor of adult material in a novel.

The theme is cyber stalking resulting in an underage relationship. Although the relationship is non-sexual there are scenes containing erotic fantasies with graphic sexual details.

For the past 16  months I have been beavering single-mindedly, ferreting for snippets of facts and figures whilst squirreling away ‘useful’ information in order to publish the novel.

I started with a desire to write, a kernel of an idea and a vague plan in my head. 80,000 words later I found that I was a ‘pantster’ rather than a planner. Sitting there cogitating, contemplating and naval gazing, ideas poured forth like tea through a strainer – hopefully leaving the dregs behind in favour of savouring the flavour.

I am about to undertake a second edit, probably a 6-8 week task. Following the conclusion of the first edit four weeks ago, I have attempted to clear my head of the novel and research into editors, publishers and self-publishing. Oh how complicated!

Developmental/substantive/copy editing/proofreading/KDP/POD/LS/CS and on and on. Confused? I was – still am? Slowly but surely the penny seems to have (almost) dropped, the pieces (almost) fallen into place. I need someone to take my work by the scruff of the neck and shake it to within an inch of its life.

Although I have made one or two initial contacts, I am looking for an editor that will look at a small part of my manuscript for free. I hear there are editors out there who are willing to do this. I have come to realise just how important this next step is and I want to be able to have communication with three or four editors to see what they do with my work and how we ‘communicate’. The thought of letting go of my work is scary and I need to feel confident in my choice.

Second Bit of Help

Should I come through that process relatively unscathed, I would appreciate any experience you have had of dealing with Smashwords, Lightning Source and those companies that are willing to do certain tasks for you e.g. Troubadour, Bubblecow, Kazoo, Bookbaby, Silverwood and the list goes on and on and on. It really is difficult to see the wood for the trees or is the trees for the wood. . .

Any words of wisdom that you can cast my way would be most welcome. Thank you.

"private sociology tutor"

Write out 1200 times: ‘I will finish this edit, I will finish this edit, I will finish this edit. . . ‘

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  1. Billie permalink

    Dean, I’m willing to help if you need an extra hand. I’m currently going through a bit of writer’s block and looking for extra-curricular things to do that involve reading and/or writing 🙂 Feel free to mail me privately on

    • Hi Billie. Thank you so much for your offer.

      At this stage, I am after a professional editor that will deal with the type of material I have come up with. It seems to fall somewhere between Lolita and 50 Shades – although in terms of writing quality I do hope it veers more towards Lolita! I do have a reasonable budget for this but I want to be absolutely certain that it is the right person for the job.

      Should I go down the road of beta readers I would be extremely pleased if you would consider that. From what I have read on your posts I feel that, that is where you could probably help me most. Please come back to me if I am mistaken.

      Once again, thank you.

  2. Hi ET I wish you every success, the mag. op. sounds intriguing and “noire” and I mean that most sincerely folks:) I@ll share what I learn as I stumble thro’ the same process and if you want readers to beta test for you I’d be happy to volunteer. I@m signing off the blog now for a couple of weeks but email is always there. Good luck

    • Thank you. The beta test is also another thing I have to get my head around. Should I go down that track then I would be very grateful if you would peruse my words.

      Good luck with the move.

      • I have to say that I found beta testing most illuminating. I am fortunate in knowing a handful of people who tell it like it is. It was amazing that what seemed perfectly clear and straightforward to me was opaque to the beta’s. It’s a salutary experience and one I found really helpful if a little ego bruising

      • Does a professional editor come before beta or the other way around?

  3. Can’t help, sorry. Good luck!

  4. I am a professional editor. I have an open mind, and I have experience editing graphic sexual scenes. I would be happy to look at a sample of your work for you and talk/email with you about what you can expect from the process.

    You can find me at my blog or by email:

  5. I’d reccomend I think they have their email on their site, if not they have a twitter account too and I’m pretty sure it’s on that.

    They might be a little busy, I don’t know when they would get around to you, but they are really EXCELLENT. They give a free sample at the moment anyway (I don’t think they do that all the time so don’t quote me on it) and their prices are very good but dependent on the manuscript.

  6. thebookescorts permalink

    Check out our blog for free info on self-publishing, self-marketing and promotions. We also have a free podcast and a consultation services page if you’re looking for hands on help.

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