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Pinterest – Using it to Publish a Novel

April 7, 2014


Q: Can it be done?

A: In a fashion/kind of/probably not satifactorily

I am two weeks into an experiment to see if my 80,000 word manuscript can be translated into a series of images on Pinterest; not strictly true because I do also put captions underneath the images. The results so far are that it can be done in a fashion/kind of/probably not satifactorily. . .

Starting off was relatively easy. I set the scene with two images representing my two main characters and summed up the novel in a few words. So far so good.

The next pin also seemed to work okay. I found an image with a quote from Ray Bradbury and then included the opening sentence from my novel underneath. So, the scene is set – where now?

Not so easy. Simply finding another image and putting the second sentence of my book in the caption box didn’t work. The line, on its own,  was out of context with what had proceeded it. It works in the book because the following sentences can read immediately. The ‘line of thought’ following the images was brought to an abrupt halt. Time does not allow one sentence per week on on my Pinterest board. I suspect I would be in my box before I got to the end of the 80,000 words and you would be considerably older. 🙂

So, how to proceed so that readers of my ‘Seeing Unseen’ novel board would be able to follow the narrative of the book? My decision this week has been to sum up the professional character of Seth in a caption, in order to keep the reader in the picture and allow for some development of the narrative.

I would welcome your input here – do the images ‘flow’? Have I left you confused? If so, it’s back to the drawing Pinterest board.

Please jump over and take a look:



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  1. I think it is setting a nice scene. It looks like you have started by defining the character of the teacher. What would be the next step? Do you want to show some of the teacher’s life, or do you want to begin defining the other characters? You might like to show where they are, if that is relevant. Look at your story and see what the next picture might be.

    This is a really interesting way to tell a story.

    • Thank you for taking time out to comment. What would be my next step – indeed. I don’t know! When writing the manuscript I found I was a pantster rather than a planner [not the advice I give my students :-)] and that is following through to Pinterest. I post on Monday and I find I think about the Pinterest pin on Sunday.

      I am finding it interesting to try to re-tell the narrative in images. Hopefully, it will gather interest as the weeks progress and this will come to fruition when the book goes on sale. If it all falls flat, so what – I am enjoying the Pinterest experience.

  2. Just had a look. Interesting idea, and thanks for explaining how Pinterest works.
    The novel looks intriguing. Like the first sentence, and yes, I think there is a flow to the images. I don’t feel confused, but might not be anticipating what is going to happen correctly.
    Good luck. Looks time-consuming to me.

    • Thank you for the feedback on my experiment. It is not too time-consuming so I am prepared to stick with it – don’t know that I’ll give away the ending of the novel though 🙂 I hope you don’t anticipate what is going to happen. . . please don’t hate me for that.

      I am finding Pinterest fun. Moving around a few images, reading lovely quotes, building a novel. Yes, go ahead and try it. If it’s not for for then simply use the experience and move on – as they say ‘When one door closes another opens.’

      Your time in commenting is much appreciated.

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