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Pinterest -The Novel Continues

April 21, 2014


Regular readers will know that I have been putting together an 80,000 word manuscript called ‘Seeing Unseen’ for the past 18 months. That MS is now in the hands of a professional editor. Who knows, it may even be out in time to put in Santa’s sack or downloaded onto all those shiny new ebooks, also in Santa’s sack. How does he ever manage without getting a hernia. . .


Shouldn’t he have a hernia?

A few weeks ago I entered new territory by starting to build my novel on Pinterest in pictures and captions. That is progressing nicely and I have added to my ‘Seeing Unseen’ board on Pinterest. Please venture over there and see where Seth (my anti-hero) is at:

Again I found this challenging. I have found it impossible to simply continue with my text without ‘back-filling’. Information about Seth, which comes out later in the novel I have included in the latest pin. Hopefully, I won’t spoil the novel by giving too much away in these early stages. I think that with my pin next week I can take you right back to the second sentence of the manuscript.

For those of you unsure of what Pinterest is – it is a social networking site where you pin images (with or without captions) on boards and build collections of anything you want. There can also be ‘open’ boards which invited pinners can pin on. You can see six of these on my site.

I have found it to be fun and relaxing. There is an amazing world out there that people are pinning about. Boards can range from Selfies to Inspirational Quotes to Eroticism to Cute Dogs. The world is your oyster. It is also possible to pin the Pinterest logo to your favourites bar so that any image you browse can be easily clicked on and pinned on your boards.





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  1. I barely use Pinterest, but this sounds intriguing, may have to revive my almost dormant account and have a peek. Hmm the intricacies of social networking. Glad to hear your novel is moving ahead, Santa’s hernia and all, lol

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    With all the wonderful images you produce for your food I am sure you could make use of Pinterest. Why not use it to link back to your blog? It’s simple and not too time consuming.

    Yes, novel in the hands of an editor. Should get a report in a few weeks – bit scarey that I may end up using the manuscript in the cat litter tray – 🙂

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