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Pinterest plus Quotes from Private English Tutor

May 12, 2014


A two pronged attack from the Private English Tutor for this post.

i.    Next installment of my novel Seeing Unseen is viewable on Pinterest.

ii.   Once a sucker – Always a sucker! – Why can’t I pass a charity/thrift shop without buying a book?

After my last post I received the following comment from my good friend writeonthebeach,

‘This is a real tease ET😊 please can you hurry up and get more of it pinned. It’s an intriguing form of  PR and a great hook into your book.’

‘Seeing Unseen’ – Seth fell in love with a girl 40 years his junior

I am not so sure that I am a ‘tease’ but I do hope my Pinterest activity is intriguing. I still don’t know if it’s possible to to put 80,000 words in pictures and remain true to those words. However, the narrative continues. This time I give you  the second sentence from the novel accompanying the image.

Please nip on over and take a gander – Seeing Unseen on Pinterest.

Once a sucker – Always a sucker! Ah yes, that’ll be me.

ii.    Dim and distant, through the intangible mists of time I have had an addiction. Yes, indeed – I have been mainlining books for as long as I can remember. From those Enid Blyton adventure stories when I was no more than knee-high to a grasshopper to the ‘QI Book of Quotations – Advanced Banter’ that I couldn’t resist recently. It didn’t seem right to leave it lurking, collecting dust on the ‘Romance’ shelf of our local Charity shop.

Formal education [I will return to teh book in a line or two – honest :-)], particularly for the very young, has many critics. As this blog is supposedly about all things educational, I present you with three thoughtful quotes from the aforementioned book to mull over:

‘We spend the first twelve months of our children’s lives teaching them to walk and talk and then the next twelve years telling them to site down and shut up.’ (Phyllis Diller)

‘All you have to do to educate a child is to leave them alone and teach them to read. The rest is brainwashing.’ (Ellen Gilcrist)

‘Let early education be a sort of natural amusement. You will then be better able to discover the natural bent.’ (Plato)

Thoughtful words indeed to produce many a heated discussion but this is not the time and place for this private English tutor to let off steam.

private english tutor stoke on trent

Eduation! Education! Education!



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  1. Aw go on. A bit of steam letting never hurt nobody no how, speshly fer yoo eddicated folk

    • That’s the trouble with you frenchies – you must learn a bit of patience. It’s no good waving your arms about like a windmill – everything comes to he/she who waits.

      • Bah, alors…together with huge Gallic slug… sorry shrug.(picking up your bad spelling habits)😃

  2. I really enjoyed the article. Much thanks again. Fantastic.

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