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Pinterest – A Novel By A Private English Tutor

May 19, 2014


For the pair of you that have spent the last week on tenterhooks, wondering how my novel Seeing Unseen will develop on Pinterest, the wait is over. Please click on the link to see the latest instalment: Seeing Unseen on Pinterest.

For those of you out there that aren’t too bothered that I’ve sweated over a steaming pen for the past eighteen months, here’s my thought of the day that I have pondered whilst penning those 80,000 words:

“Bunyan spent a year in prison, Coleridge was a drug addict, Poe was an alcoholic, Marlowe was killed by a man he was trying to stab, Pope took a large sum of money to keep a woman’s name out of a vicious satire and then wrote it so that she could be recognized anyway, Chatterton killed himself, Somerset Maugham was so unhappy in his final thirty years that he longed for death . . . do you still want to be a writer?” (Bennett Cerf)

Food for thought indeed, ponders this private English tutor.

marking scripts

Ah! The pleasures of writing!




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  1. Do you often have this type of thought, ET? I’m worried about you. Oh yes, and please could you pin a bit quicker or publish the damn book so I can read it? You are a tease. 😊

    • Bad thoughts all the time – can’t help it. . .

      Pin a little quicker – I’ll think about it.

      Publish book – needs a rewrite then a self-edit then a professional edit then . . . looks like a 2015 publication date.

  2. There were writers who had rewarding lives and uneventful endings too.

    Try Laurie Lee (though he does seem to have had an adventurous love-life), Stella Gibbons (though she felt Cold Comfort Farm overshadowed all her other writing). Perhaps I should desist on that line- when in a hole….
    Instead, why not think ahead to that wonderful moment when your published words are out there, in the public domain (as they say)?
    Have you thought of trying meditation techniques?

    • You’ve taken me a little too literally. I think the quote was more my type of humour (black -ish) rather than it being me literally. As to meditation – yes, tried it and loved it.

      Thank you for your comment and concern as to my state of mind. I assure you that I am in a reasonably good place and just having had my MS edited I am raring to get at it again but I am stuck for June doing examination marking. I guess that’s my reward for being evil in my previous life. . . [black humour again :-)]

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