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Novel Writing on Pinterest by Private English Tutor

May 26, 2014


The attempt at putting my 80,000 word novel (Seeing Unseen) into images, continues unabated here on Pinterest.

This Private English Tutor’s blog is two years old and those of you that have been tuning in regularly will perhaps remember some of my photographs that I have previously posted. Here is an example from last summer when I pondered on the distractions of using my garden as an office. For several decades now I have loved photography and have often been seen at the crack of dawn behind my tripod, waiting for a beautiful English sunrise – often, it was more like waiting for Godot! 🙂

I think it is this love of the image that has attracted me to Pinterest. Facebook and its chitter-chatter holds little interest for me but I do steal five or ten minutes here and there to do a little pinning – that’s what you do over in Pinterest; try it, it’s not too strenuous.

Seeing Unseen has recently undergone a professional edit. As expected it needs a little touching up (rewrite?) before a further professional edit. Once the June exam marking is consigned to history the touching up/rewrite will happen.

You have 45 minutes to discuss –  ‘Why do novels take so long to write?’ You will be marked on content only, not grammer and speling. 🙂

Talking of time here’s a thought from Meister Eckhart:

“There exists only the present instant. . . a Now which always and without end is itself New. There is no yesterday nor any tomorrow, but only Now, as it was a thousand years ago and as it will be a thousand years hence.”

Oooh! Excuse this private English tutor while he goes to lie down and mop his brow. . .

lying down under books

Private English tutor contemplates Time


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  1. That’s a great quote to wake up to, on a Saturday morning. Good luck with the novel revision/rewrite.

  2. go niko…congratulations on your superb career……life really is a gas………..xx

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