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Time is More Valuable than Money – Sometimes!

July 7, 2014
private english tutor stoke on trent

Thoughts From The Corner

The past month has witnessed a paucity of posts by this private English tutor.

Having the need to put bread on the table, I have spent June marking examination scripts. Four whole weeks gauging how well (or otherwise!) today’s youth are struggling with the English language. Oh. . . and how they are struggling!


Did he pass his English exam?

I may have marked a batch of poor candidates – on the other hand, their standard may fairly represent that of the modern generation. Judging by the few hundred papers I marked, I fear for this beautiful language of ours. The good news, however, is that I know my re-embarkation on the good ship WordPress will be greeted with quality writing on a whole myriad of interesting blog posts. For that I thank you.

marking scripts

Marking Scripts

As my head clears and I ponder the past four weeks, I wonder where time has gone. I am sure it has not really gone anywhere, it’s simply me that has existed in a parallel space – I think!

Delving into my ever-faithful-ever-dependable quotation book I wondered what words of wisdom it contained on the subject of ‘Time’. Here are a few pearls which I would like to share with you.

Hector Berlioz said:

Time is a great teacher. Unfortunately it kills all of its pupils.

I love that – just my kind of humour; going from bleak-dark.

Thinking about the past month and all those scripts the next quote strikes a chord:

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you can’t get more time. (Jacob Bigelow)

How very true. I can’t get those four weeks back, I traded them for the legal tender. Sad but true.


Chasing the legal tender


I went to a restaurant that ‘serves breakfast at any time’. So I ordered French toast during the Renaissance. 🙂

As the scripts fade into the dim and distant past I start to contemplate my manuscript – Seeing Unseen. Having had it edited I am straining at the leash to re-write/do/hash (delete as applicable). I have been laying the first chapter out on Pinterest. It has been an enjoyable exercise but now I find that I need to rewrite that first chapter so the Pinterest board will have to be adjusted accordingly. The challenge of trying to put my novel into pictures has been interesting and I have received some great feedback from you out there – Thank You.

As one of ‘mature years’, Time is something that I dwell on from time to time – can I have three times in one sentence? Those of you that share this maturity may also, perhaps, have dwelt on this un-graspable subject. Why does it go faster the older I get and why do I understand it less than I did several decades ago?

old man

‘Where has time gone?’ ponders private English tutor

Is this private English tutor alone here?

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  1. Oh how this resonates with me ET. Not marking scripts clearly but bartering time and money whilst something infinitely more important/interesting awaits further attention. I’ve enjoyed your Pinterest and I@m going to copy it for my opus whilst wrestling with mss formatting for publication. I’ve missed your Monday epistles, pleased you’re back.

    • Thank you for your kind comments. I will continue with Pinterest experiment, I enjoy it – seems like a good enough reason for me 🙂 As a sneak preview to next week’s post I’ve ventured further into the depths of social media by setting up an Etsy shop – – more of that next week.

      Your posts are thinner on the ground than my hair on top – the French life is obviously lulling you into a false sense of security. Remember that work ethic you were brought up with. . . Look forward to more posts in the Near future.

      • I did do one last week but you’re right Prof, I’ve been slow altho it’s not the French life. I was back in the UK to do some paid work which was good but 10 days away. There is still so much to do as well. However, the big secret is I’ve been spending what time I create working on a novel that’s been languishing for months now. It really is a struggle and I find switching from my usual slightly ironic style to something more suited to the novel extremely difficult. Hence I keep rewriting stuff and not getting very far. I will try to do better sir, there’s one on its way this week.

      • Big secret eh? it’s safe with the number of views I get on my blog 🙂

      • OMG I’ve just reread your comment. By thinner on the ground do you mean less of them or that the content is thin….or even both. AAGH!

      • Now then, now then. Would I speak disparagingly of your content. . .

      • Whew! I thought my content was under threat 🙂

      • Never mind the quality feel the width 🙂

  2. Whew, end of exam marking! Welcome back to the good ship WP. It was good to read your thoughts on paid work vs blog. I was finding it hard to get back into blogging after the recent holiday, as am still caught up with actual and potential new jobs and all that. But am dipping one toe back in the blogging water… Why is it that work seems to interfere with blogger mojo?

    • Perhaps the year should be reversed so that work replaces holidays and holidays replace work. A far better balance in my humble opinion – then again, who am I to upset the order of the capitalist world. . .

      • Ahh yes, I’ve thought about that reversal of the capitalist world order before… Maybe one day when I take over the world.

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