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‘Etsy? Who is Etsy?’ queries Private English Tutor

July 21, 2014


Not ‘who’ but ‘what’.

It’s an online shop selling hand crafted goods and I’ve just opened one. Yes, from private English tutor to shopkeeper at a cost of $3 per annum – at least that’s what I think the small print said!

Up until a few weeks ago Etsy was a strange four-letter word that I had occasionally come across but had no idea what it meant. However, one magazine article later and I was brimming with enthusiasm and knowledge about the strange word. It seems that people the whole world over have ventured into the Etsy world of individual hand-made goods. I’m talking everything from wedding dresses to flowers for button holes to bead necklaces to hand stitched leather goods and on and on and on. . .

‘What’s good for the goose has to be good for the gander’ thinks I! 🙂


What’s good for the goose. . .

A few hours pounding the keyboard and there it was: my very own shop, offering the world personalised dvd slide shows. I’ve never owned a shop (or ever wanted to) before but now I have a virtual one.

The origins of this particular adventure began more than ten years ago when I traded in my film cameras for a digital one. That led to manipulation of digital images (Photoshop and all that) which then led to me putting images together with music, captions, effects, movement. . . and here we are offering personalised dvd slide shows. Have you ever wondered about the decisions you make and where they eventually lead to? I have. . .

For several years I have been putting bespoke dvd’s together for customers. These include weddings, family history, graduations, proms, celebrations of all kinds, the life of a pet – in fact, ‘If you can photograph it then I can dvd it!’

So what does it take to produce something that is unique to you? Something that can be shown on the TV in your living room to family and friends? Something for you to treasure for years?


‘Come look at our wedding Freda.’

Here’s the process:

1.    Digital images required – this can also include video clips

1a.    Non-digital images – photographs, negatives, slides, illustrations, maps, etc. I can convert.

2.    Each image is optimized i.e. colour corrected, sharpened, cropped if required

3.    Images put into running order (that’s you task!)

4.    Put together those images where multiple images are used in effects

5.    Work on each individual image with respect to timing, movement, panning, zooming in/out, effects

6.    Captions where required e.g. names of people on wedding images (that’s your task again)

7.    Transitions – the ‘bits’ in between the images – timing and effects

8.    Add music of your choice – I’ll decide if you can’t

9.    Run show on monitor and make corrections

9a. Second run through to correct corrections!

10. Burn to dvd and check show runs smoothly on TV

10a Correct above version

11.  Up load to web site for customer to view and suggest corrections

11a Do above corrections – Check on monitor then burn dvd and check on TV

12. Burn off ‘master’ copy

13. Design images and text for burning on disc – NOT sticky labels

14. Design dvd case cover

15. Pop completed project into post

16. Take a well earned holiday!

See how quick and easy it all is. . .

In the past two weeks I have had three views of the site resulting in no orders.

Time to give up my day job as a private English tutor – probably not!

hamster wheel 2

Probably not time to give up the day job. . .






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  1. How very enterprising you are ET. I wish you every success with your new venture – hope you do a roaring trade 🙂

  2. Good luck! I hope your online store venture is more (cough, hack!) profitable than mine is. My cash register is a little dusty right now…

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