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‘When One Door Closes Another Opens’ smiles Private Tutor

August 11, 2014
"private english tutor stoke on trent"

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.” – Chinese Proverb (Photo credit: Brian Metcalfe)

The image above strikes me as being applicable to not only my day job as a private tutor but as a metaphor for us all as we wander through life.

Many moons ago I used to teach English to adult classes; it was wonderful. They had returned to the classroom having missed out when they were younger. Some went to work straight from school, some started families and some preferred night’s on the dance floor to noses stuck in books. Whatever the reason, now was their time. Some had been made redundant and some had seen their children fly the nest; they now had time to pursue something which had been fermenting deep within their souls – they desired Education.

Chomping at the bit they looked to me for guidance. I was the one with knowledge of the education system. They gave their all. My role was simply to guide them over the hurdles of the system and they did the rest. Classes were disciplined and stimulating, homework conscientiously attempted and handed in on time. To coin a phrase, from my point of view, It was a doddle. Never was the Chinese proverb above more applicable.

One day, I will tell you about the teenage classes I had. . . Oh dear! So many refused to enter the door that I held open and some even slammed it shut in my face. However, they are stories for other posts.

Looking at it another way, though, it can also be said that when one door closes another opens. As we amble down life’s path, either the major ones or the ones lesser taken, there are doors which we have all refused to enter at one time or another. Time cannot be reversed, there is no going back and the present is no time for regrets.

Several years ago I closed a door behind me and set off down the path of being a private tutor.

In the words of Edith Piaf, ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’.

What about you? Are there any doors you have slammed shut or indeed any you have refused to enter? Any regrets?

"private sociology tutor stoke on trent"

Bust of Edith Piaf in Celebrity Alley in Kielce (Poland) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Very interesting post thanks admin for sharing it is very usefull for the student and also for the readers.

  2. Piaf, one of my favourite singers. My nana use to do a great impersonation of her. Piaf had an interesting life, so I’d suggest reading one of her many biographies to anyone.

    Anyway, hope you’re well, Dean. Missing new posts on your blogs so I hope you’re well and simply busy doing other things than writing 🙂

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