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‘Social Media – Aargh!’ says Private English Tutor

September 15, 2014
private english tutor stoke on trent

Thoughts From The Corner

Social Media – Do we need it?

Being a private English tutor since before social media took a hold on society, I am not convinced we do.

Here I am, using social media to tell you that I don’t think we need social media! What a strange world I live in. . .

Recently I posted about setting up a site on Etsy ( I have gone one step further and now set up a site on Fiverr ( Fiverr is a site offering services for $5. It’s amazing what people are willing to do for so little money! Basically, both are online shops where you sell you wares. I am offering to make a dvd/video from images and music. I am not certain they can be classed as ‘social media’ but the purposes of this post I will include them.


It’s amazing what people will do for $5

The behemoths of today’s online social media circus are Facebook and Twitter. Of course, I have a accounts with both. . . Why? Well, it seems to be the thing to do! I have read, by those that know more about this than I do, that as someone intending to publish a novel I need an ‘online presence’ and those aforementioned demi-gods (the big F and T) are an absolute must for both budding and established authors. Dutifully I followed the advice of the gurus and jumped on the band wagon. Although I post these WordPress posts on Facebook, it isn’t a site that I ever use. Twitter I engage with more but I don’t find it overly exciting – am I missing out?


Big F and T – Giants in the sea of social media

At the end of each WordPress post I have additional icons to click so that my scribblings can be shared to those caring to read: Tumblr, Linkedin, Stumble Upon and Reddit. None of those I have much to do with, although I do occasionally flirt with Linkedin.

One social networking site that I do enjoy is Pinterest. I am a sucker for a well-taken photograph and an apt quote. I even started to put my novel on it, in pictures. That came to stop when I had my manuscript edited and found I needed a new opening chapter! That new first chapter is close to completion so I will attempt to put it on Pinterest ( in the near future.

So what is that makes social media so inviting? Sorry, no answers. I only ‘do’ a bit of English not Psychology. 🙂

A little anecdote for you. Many moons ago, emails hit the staffroom of the educational establishment that I was a slave to at the time. The lonely newly-installed computer (Billy no Mates) sat next to the kettle, in the corner. The training on how to use Word and emails I couldn’t be bothered attending: ‘What’s the point, it’ll never catch on. If they want me, they know where my pigeon hole is.’

pigeon hole

Pigeon hole

How short sighted can one be?

Several months later the pigeon hole cabinet lay redundant, a relic of a bygone era, and I was forced to learn how to open my emails. I was far from amused when over 300 of the pesky things tumbled forth!

For one who was slow to grasp and inhabit the virtual world I seem to have my foot/feet in many doors.

feet in door

My foot is well and truly in the door of social media

Please join me/browse any of the following – if you’re not busy setting up your own networking sites  🙂

Educational Site:

Photography/DVD site:

Twitter: @exptutors –




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  1. Good luck with the novel! And the media sites….ugh.

    • Thanks for taking time out to comment. Long time since we chatted.

      The novel – coming up to its second birthday, into its third self-edit plus one professional edit. Some time this side of Xmas I’ll get another professional edit and then another self-edit. With luck, published next year.

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