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Taking Issue with Confucius by a wary Private Tutor

October 13, 2014
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Thoughts From The Corner

Picture the scene, if you will, gentle reader. This private tutor in his favourite armchair, feet up on a footstool, tumbler of single malt by his side and novel in hand – shall we say Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice or David Copperfield? Ah, bliss.

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Have I prematurely transgressed the pearly gates? No. As the saying goes, ‘I’m not afraid of dying but I’m in no hurry to die yet.’ Then I looked upon my well-worn Chinese proverb book and found:

The scholar who cherishes the love of comfort, is not fit to be deemed a scholar.


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Having always thought upon myself as something of a scholar (!) I ponder the wise words of a wise man. Does the picture I presented above deem me not to be a scholar?

Well, to be honest (you know I wouldn’t tell you porkie-pies, don’t you?) I do like my comforts. Nay more; I love my comforts. In the Comfort League I fear I must be near the top. Let me give you further examples.

Is not one of life’s great pleasures sitting in a large leather armchair in your favourite coffee shop, nibbling a blueberry muffin (one of the high fat ones!), sipping a latte? You see how naughty I am when it comes to cherishing a love of comfort? To eschew further looks of disdain from you good selves I have further comfort confessions:

I always have the best seats in the theatre, I drive a luxury German car, I always insist on on single malt rather than a blended whiskey and I live by the theory that ‘Buy cheap, buy twice’ is a maxim to adhere to.

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I INSIST on the best seat in the house

What would Confucius have made of me? I do indeed cherish a love of comfort but does that make me a bad scholar? I wouldn’t fancy sleeping a hard stone floor in a draughty building high on a mountainside, dedicating myself to scholarly pursuits 18 hours every day. Does that make me a bad scholar?

I don’t doubt confucius’ sincerity but would he have been able to resist a (high fat) blueberry muffin?

What about you? What luxuries are you not willing to forsake?

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  1. Love it you hedonist you! I prefer the cherry muffins (high fat) and feel a trifle miffed if all those leather armchairs are occupied.My biggest sin though, (strictly entre nous) is silky and lacy lingerie altho’ I don’t suppose you share that one!??

    • Ah you wicked woman you! I must admit to a little bit of silk in the bottom draw. A red silk dressing gown embroidered with dragons. Purchased in China in 1993 – not seen the light of day since. Why does one buy such useless things?

      And as for those ******ds that hog the leather chairs. . . a good case for bringing back the birch.

  2. I love muffins! I love reading! I am NOT a scholar!

  3. Come over the the dumb side! We have comfort…. and cookies!

    • 500 lines for you:

      ‘I must say biscuits not cookies.’
      ‘I must say biscuits not cookies.’
      ‘I must say biscuits not cookies.’

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • There are not many I am willing to give up but I guess it’s what’s a the other end of the tunnel. It’s not easy being fickle. . . 🙂

      • It’s easy! You still may want not to give up anything but you’ll have to. 😉

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