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Giving My Labour Cheaply to India by a Private English Tutor

November 17, 2014
"private english tutor"

Thoughts From The Corner

‘Where does time go?’ ponders this Private English Tutor.

Several weeks have flown by since my last post. I think 500 lines and detention might be the order of the day. 🙂

"private sociology tutor"

Time Flies

There are several reasons for my lack of posts but the one that is interesting me the most is my nomadic meanderings on Fiverr. I mentioned several weeks ago (or was it months?) that I had started to advertise my wares on Fiverr.

Fiverr is a site where people sell and buy for $5. Thousands offer their services for the princely sum of $5 and thousands buy those services for $5. Examples of services offered are: voice overs, translations, book cover design, formatting for an ebook, book illustrations, video editing and on and on. You name it, it seems that someone out there is willing to do it.

"research methods tutor"

My offering is to produce a video from 20 images or less with a royalty free soundtrack. My extra gigs (yes, these services are called gigs), also for $5 each, are that I will sync your voice over to video (up to two minutes) and secondly, I will eradicate background hiss/noise on a voice over, again up to two minutes.

For over a decade now I have putting together dvd shows of images and selling them. The most popular are weddings but others can include celebrations such as birthdays, bar mitzva’s and circumcisions 😦 , the life of a pet, vacations, family history – In fact, if you can photograph it I can dvd it! These type of shows are usually 20-60 minutes in length, so it was an easy step down to offer two minutes on Fiverr.

"one to one tuition in stoke on trent"

Life of a Pet on dvd

I know what you’re thinking – ‘$5 isn’t much.’ How right you are. As a private tutor in the western hemisphere $5 is peanuts. In fact, I don’t even receive $5 – Shock Horror! Fiverr take $1 for every gig and Paypal take 2% of the remaining $4. So, $3.92 finds it way into my greedy clutches. 🙂 So why do it? Easy, I enjoy it.

"private sociology tutor stoke on trent"

$3.92 into my greedy clutches – Ha Ha!

Before I move on from the subject of money, something interesting has happened. Here, in England, we have been out-sourcing services to the east (particularly India) because of their cheap labour costs. I am currently producing testimonials (for the web and Youtube) for a lady in India. Trade is coming the other way. India is using cheap labour here in England! Do you think I’ve started a trend. . .

Interestingly, ‘Testimonials’ are all the rage. They consist of a video clip (usually taken on an iPhone with lots of background hiss) of about 60 seconds with someone saying good things about the services of someone else. It is several of these that my Indian client (‘lady’ sounds much better, don’t you think?) has ordered.

"one to one tution stoke on trent"

Lady sounds better than client – don’t you think?

My previous orders have been for an artist in Hawaii who wanted videos to promote his paintings, a lady highlighting domestic violence in the USA and wanting to provide a space where the victims of domestic violence could paint, a video advert for golf gloves, video adverts for fishing trips in Montana and a web video advertising a hotel in the USA. I never know what the next gig will bring – that’s quite exciting in itself me thinks.

My Fiverr site is:

My full video site is:

Private English Tutor monkeying around on the computer for peanuts – sure, why not?


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  1. What a clever idea ET but then you’re a clever cookie aren’t you 🙂 I’d never heard of fiverr until you mentioned it in an earlier post. Hope you make your fortune but don’t forget your mag. op. I’m waiting to read about all the naughty goings-on of your hero.

    • Mag. op. is simmering nicely. Fiverr is merely a distraction. I certainly won’t make my fortune [what good is having two anyway 🙂 ] on Fiverr.

      As I’ve always maintained, ‘You never know what’s around the next corner.’

      Not sure if ‘hero’ is the right word. . .

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